(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts held five shows of the Chinese Spectacular at Chungcheng University in Chiayi, Taiwan. Dr. Chiang Yihsiung, Legislative Member and dean of the law school of Chungcheng University attended the show with his wife.

Dr. Chiang highly praised the show

Dr. Chiang and his wife both highly praised the show. Dr. Chiang said: "I appreciated that the show demonstrated the traditional Chinese values, including loyalty to one's country and family. It helps young children to develop patriotism. We don't have very many shows like this, so we should promote this show in Chinese society."

Dr. Chiang praised the performers, saying: "The male performers are powerful and the female performers are gentle and soft. The combination was great."

Dr. Chiang said: "What touched me the most is that this show will inspire Chinese people with the theme of 'compassion vs. evil.' Goodness and evil co-exist in this world. But we should follow goodness. When evildoers harm the society, we should stand together and oppose the evil acts so that the society will be full of good will."