(Clearwisdom.net) The article on the Clearwisdom website "Olympic Games? Or CCP up to its Same Old Games?" http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2008/3/22/95596.html pointed out that the fundamental reason why the Beijing Olympics has caused international conflict is because the people want the Olympic Games, while the CCP has vast ulterior motives, wanting to use the games to bolster its flailing strength and control, while eliminating dissident groups like Falun Gong.

It hopes for the Olympics to be heralded around the world as a great success, somehow justifying, and therefore solidifying, its totalitarian rule.

The CCP has failed to improve human rights as it promised it would seven years ago when it won its Olympic bid. While it promised to do such things as releasing prisoners of conscience, it has only imprisoned more, and recently embarked on a major campaign to round up anyone who might dare to expose its evil acts to visiting Olympic guests.

No wonder the CCP has been accused in some circles of hosting a "bloody Olympics."

Some people in China feel that the CCP didn't want it to come to this. They think that if everyone just remained quiet about what is going on, that if nobody dared to speak up about human rights abuses, and that if Falun Gong practitioners could just remain silent about the criminal persecution they face, then the "bloody Olympics" would be clean and fresh, with no need for bloodshed. They thought, "Why protest and make China look bad? Why go against the Olympics and China while it shines in the international spotlight? Isn't this the wrong time to protest? Isn't remaining loyal to the motherland and saving face for China more important?"

Many people think this way. It's hard to blame them, of course, since the CCP culture has trained them to think this way. Such twisted thought permeates every broadcast and newspaper story in China's tightly controlled, propaganda-driven state-run media. Glory for the Party is equated with glory for China. Saving face for the Party is equated with saving face for China.

A Chinese official once met with protesters in front of the White House while visiting the U.S. The Chinese Embassy had paid for a "welcome group" in attempts to upstage the protesters. The welcome group was comprised of hundreds of young Chinese faces, mostly mainland Chinese students studying in the USA. A western journalist interviewed the leader of the "welcome group," asking, "There are more than two thousand protesters on the other side, What is your point of view on this?" He replied, "A Chinese official coming to visit is a happy thing. It is not the appropriate time to protest."

In the western world, no matter what kind of event occurs, it is never uncommon to find protesters expressing a differing viewpoint. Officials in western countries do not fear protesters, whereas in China, the CCP labels them as "rotten and decadent." The CCP claims to "represent the most advanced of productive forces and represent the people's benefits," yet it is intimidated by even the smallest protests.

The CCP's fear of the people has complicated reasons behind it, but perhaps the most obvious is that it fears the consequences of the crimes it has committed against its own people.

Even if people did not protest during the CCP's glory hours, does that mean that people can protest at other times? Of course not. First of all, people never see officials in public other than during glory hours, and second, it is more dangerous to protest at other times because no one notices the protester, and the CCP can torture them however it wishes.

Let us go back the Olympics. To those who feel that the pains of the persecuted are not important; who are uncomfortable at the sound of voices of protest; who feel that national pride is more important, here is a fundamental question: What are they so proud of?

Are they proud of their strong country's dream coming true? Well then, isn't it true that a strong country wouldn't fear the people's protests?

Are they proud that a peaceful reign has come? Then why are so many people persecuted in China?

Are they proud of China's rising status in the world? How can a government that is so cruel to its own people be sincerely respected by others?

Communism is collapsing globally, the CCP is at its wit's end, and more and more Chinese are bravely standing out to fight tyranny. This is China's good fortune! It is the right time to protest, but not the right time for the CCP to host the Olympics.

If there was no CCP, the Olympics could be held in a truly free and harmonious China. That would open a great new chapter in human history that truly manifests the spirit of the Olympics: friendship, solidarity and fair play. Only then will the Chinese people truly have something to be proud about.

March 14, 2008