(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of March 11, the Divine Performing Arts of New York finished its fourth Chinese Spectacular performance in Taichung, Taiwan. Throughout the show, every time the curtains opened, the audience applauded enthusiastically. Many times the audience broke into applause during the dances, too. Deputy Director Tseng Neng-ting of Changhua County Cultural Bureau spoke with reporters after the show. He said that the show was a feast of sound and light.

Mr. Tseng said that it was extremely touching when Falun Gong practitioners still persevered in their faith while being persecuted. Their devotion was outstanding.

Program Displays Principle of Kindness

Mr. Tseng spoke highly of the Chinese Spectacular. He called the members of the Divine Performing Arts "meticulous and highly skilled." He also said that the show was more than an artistic performance, and conveyed a deep principle. He said, "This principle is kindness." He also said that the Divine Performing Arts inspired kindness from the bottom of people's hearts, and that it would benefit our changing world and create a good environment for growth. "Some people's kindness is buried deep within and needs to be inspired. It takes a great teacher to generate such will," said Mr. Tseng. He commented that the Divine Performing Arts had subtly changed people.

Mr. Tseng said that during the two-hour performance, the Divine Performing Arts conveyed the message of kindness, especially to those who don't think about it in their daily lives. He called the performance a rare opportunity and a seed of kindness.

Persevering in One's Faith During Persecution

Mr. Tseng said that during the Chinese Spectacular, he could feel the Divine Performance Arts company's role in leading the revitalization of traditional Chinese culture and arts, and educating the public. He said he was quite touched by some segments, including the understanding of Buddha Fa principles and historic legends. Speaking of the two dances about Falun Gong, he said, "Even when persecuted, [the practitioners] persevered in their strong faith. This kind of devotion is extremely touching."

He was also inspired by "The Fruits of Goodness." The two young men in the dance found a bright new path in the Buddhist faith. Because of their kind thoughts, they were enlightened through their dreams. Mr. Tseng said, "I think it's not just the Buddhist faith. The same principle [of kind conduct] applies to the entire society."

Mr. Tseng said that the Chinese Spectacular by the Divine Performing Arts of New York was excellent, and beneficial for society. He encouraged everyone to come and enjoy the show.