(Clearwisdom.net) Since the New York Divine Performing Arts performed its first show in Tainan on February 29, 2008, a great upsurge in interest in the show has emerged. Many audience members were so deeply moved that they shed tears. On March 10, Huang Yong-syue, CEO of Daibier Jewelry Company, watched the Divine Performing Arts show at Hueisun Hall in Chung Hsing University, Taichung City. After the show, she said: "I felt the program, 'To be Free' in the beginning was so perfect. I was so touched that I shed tears."

Huang Yong-syue, CEO of Daibier Jewelry Company

Huang Yong-syue heard that the Divine Performing Arts shows displayed traditional Chinese culture. She has wanted to watch the show for long time, and now, she finally had a chance to watch the show. She felt very excited and said: "I think this show can really awaken all bewildered beings and bring back their original brightness. The show puts us deeply in touch with our hearts. I feel something deep in my heart was awakened."

Huang Yong-syue thought that a big difference between Divine Performing Arts shows and other shows, was that Divine Performing Arts employs advanced technology and has made many breakthroughs regarding its backgrounds. She said: "We feel lively and dynamic. We experienced a close interaction with the performers. It seemed like we were part of the show."

Huang Yong-syue was greatly impressed by the backdrop. She thought the combination and display of culture and arts were perfect.

Huang Yong-syue, who has lived abroad over the years, was especially interested in the drum performance. In Japan and Thailand, she also watched drum performances. However, she really felt the heart-stirring quality strongly as she watched the drum performance in the Divine Performing Arts show. She indicated that playing the drums is not only for show, but for displaying the drummer's internal spirit. She said: "The Tang Dynasty was a flourishing age. The Divine Performing Arts performers did look very brave, which displayed that dynasty's imposing nature. I felt the scene was so real."

The program Huang Yongsyue enjoyed the most was "The Loyalty of Yue Fei". It reminded her of the true Chinese tradition. She said: "In the program, the mother encourages the son and the son accepts his duty. I was touched by the look in their eyes and the silent communication. It is because I also have a son."

Huang Yong-syue thinks modern people are very perplexed and cannot find their true selves. A layer of dust covers the human heart. She said: "Through watching the Divine Performing Arts show, people's true natures are recalled. In such a chaotic society, these programs can purify people's hearts."

Huang Yong-syue brought about a dozen committee members and their friends to watch the Divine Performing Arts show. She said with joy: "It is really a wonderful feast of the arts. If the Divine Performing Arts comes to perform again in the future, I will ask all of my friends to watch."