(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of March 9, 2008, Mr. Ning Ke-Wen saw the Chinese Spectacular presented by Divine Performing Arts in the Huei-Sun Auditorium at National Chung Hsing University in Taichung. Mr. Ning is a well-known painter, the president of the Nantou County Art Association Standing Committee, and the founder of the Ching-Hsi New Culture and Art Association. He said he was moved by every number in the show.

Mr. Ning praised the entire show. "The artists' movements and the choreography were very sophisticated. The costumes and the background screen projection is the most skillful combination that I've never seen. It's a creative way to enhance the dramatic effect. The show's content focuses on stories in Chinese history that are educational and worth learning."

Mr. Ning Ke-Wen said he was moved by every number in the show.

Mr. Ning supports the mission of Divine Peforming Arts. "In this chaotic society, we need to stress this kind of culture. I personally encourage it. I am grateful that Divine Performing Arts came to Taiwan and that I had a great seat to see this show."

Mr. Ning takes in art shows with a critical eye. He said, "A show does pretty well if I don't leave in the middle of it. I didn't want to leave after the Divine Performing Arts' Chinese Spectacular. Their performance is wonderful - the atmosphere, costumes, lighting, and music go so well and the programs were so intense that there wasn't a boring moment."

Being a painter, Mr. Ning is very sensitive to color. He can tell that Divine Performing Arts designs the costumes to perfectly match each story and dance. He said the colors go very well with the styles. Mr. Ning especially admired the silky clothing in "Water Sleeves" that floats so lightly and gracefully in the dance. He stressed that costume design is the most outstanding part. It attracts the audiences' attention and leads them to watch the show with a peaceful and joyous feeling.

Mr. Ning complimented the two MCs. "Their conversation was light while carrying a clear message - not cheesy or lame - very classy and just the right amount of talking. The English speaking host was especially funny. The occasional use of the Taiwanese language added a great deal of humor! Very nice! Really very nice! I am not just being polite - it's true."

As for the message the show tries to convey, Mr. Ning thought that in a society with diverse culture, it is in fact chaotic and needs a pure performance like the Spectacular. Mr. Ning stressed that people must be compassionate and we see this from the show. He thanked Divine Performing Arts for coming to Taiwan to give such a show. The show intends to evoke a sense of justice in society and promotes "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance" as standards of morality and justice.