(Clearwisdom.net) Merry Electronics Co. Ltd. is a company that develops ultra-thin compact speakers and receptors in Taiwan and is one of the world's leading producers with a leading brand in communications and electro-acoustics. Forbes 2005 listed it as one of the "Best 200" in the category of below 1 billion USD of sales revenue in Asian and Pacific regions. Now the companies who have the leading five cell phone brands in the world are all clients of Merry Electronics. Liao Luli, Chairman of Merry Electronics, who just returned to Taiwan from abroad, attended the fourth performance in Mid-Taiwan with vice chairman Wei Wenjie. After the show, he accepted an interview and said that the Divine Performing Arts had attracted attention and admiration from Chinese all over the world.

Merry Electronics Co. Ltd Chairman, Liao Luli

Such a Good Thing Should Be Encouraged

Liao Luli said, "It is not easy to put together this kind of large scale, well-organized production. The combination of costumes, backdrops, and images is precise and well-done. I once saw a live performance with this kind of backdrop in Las Vegas, but in the Chinese community I have never seen it before."

"The whole performance is meant to carry forward traditional Chinese culture," Mr. Liao commented. "One can see them going in this direction through their presentation of the performance. Divine Performing Arts has attracted attention and admiration from Chinese all over the world. "

Mr. Liao was also impressed with the warmhearted service personnel at the site. His final words about the show were, " Such a good thing should be encouraged!"

"Descent of the Celestial Kings" Had a Great Impact on the Audience

Vice Chairman of Merry Electronics, Wei Wenjie is responsible for overseas productions. He said, "Descent of the Celestial Kings, from the beginning to the end, had a great impact on the audience. The backdrop was dynamic. It looked very nice, very good! The backdrop in the show is quite different from those of other dance performances. It looked so real. For the program 'Nymphs of the Sea', the water in the background was moving. It is rare to see on stage."

Wei Wenjie said, "The spirit of the whole performance is Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. The whole show reveals it and they do it very well. No matter whether it reveals the spirit through a historic story, singing, the conflict between justice and evil, or persisting until the end and awakening others, all of this is well expressed."