(Clearwisdom.net) Some time around 5:00 p.m. on November 2, 2007, a security person from the First Middle School in Yueyang City noticed and reported me as I distributed truth-clarifying materials around the school. Officers from the Yueyanglou Police Station illegally arrested me and then took me to the Domestic Security Team of the Yueyanglou District Police Department. They interrogated me for six hours, then sent me to the Yueyang City First Detention Center. Once there, they searched me, and confiscated my personal belongings, which had a value of 1,600 yuan. While I was being interrogated, approximately seven officers from the Yueyanglou Police Station and the Domestic Security Team ransacked my home. They confiscated my Falun Gong books and Master's picture, truth-clarification CDs, and other items. They told me that this was the "evidence" against me.

While I was in the First Detention Center, the guards instigated inmates to beat me because I didn't cooperate with their "education and reform" policy. They beat my head, causing it to bleed. Then they tortured me using the excuse that I did not follow the rules. They bound me spread-eagle to a wooden board for three nights and two days. The cuffs and shackles cut into my flesh and bloodied my hands and feet. Seeing my determination to not give up Dafa, they stopped.

I was held at the First Detention Center for over a month. Domestic Security Team head Jiang Chao and deputy head Fu Wei pressured me constantly. They threatened me with prison sentencing, forced labor and unemployment. They also put pressure on my family members, coworkers and the leaders of my workplace, and coerced them to "urge" and "reform" me. They decided to put me into forced labor for two years, but I was not accepted by the forced labor camp. Nonetheless, they still extorted from my family a so-called security deposit of 3,500 yuan.

While I was in detention, my wife and our child, as well as other family members were under huge pressure. My wife cried day and night, did not take food or drink and did not sleep for several nights. She had to work during the day, but fortunately quite few coworkers and fellow teachers at school, along with her supervisors, took care of her. These good people went with her to appeal to higher level leaders, crying out for justice. She didn't know how many officials she had contacted, and how many people she begged for justice. When people heard that I was a Falun Gong practitioner, they always tried to stay away from it due to fear of being implicated. Eventually, the father of my child's classmate got me out of detention after petitioning many people in the local administration.

When I went back to work, I was told that my workplace leaders had been implicated too. The principal at Wangyue Elementary School where I work received a punishment notification, and the school was disqualified from any "excellency" competitions. The Yueyanglou District Administrative Education Bureau was branded and singled out for criticism by the District Comprehensive Administration Office and also disqualified in the annual excellency competition. My annual bonus and performance pay of over 1,100 yuan was canceled. I was removed from my teaching position, and am waiting for a final assignment. In addition to the cost of getting help from others, the direct financial loss of this incident of persecution adds up to 20,000 yuan.