(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Bao Chonghsiung is a retired general in the Taiwanese military. He missed the Chinese Spectacular last year due to a scheduling conflict, so this year he made the arrangements long before the show, and came to the March 5 presentation.

Mr. Bao said that the show purifies people's hearts through art, which deeply touches audience members. He said the show also demonstrates the essence of Chinese culture. During the show, he sensed the power of compassion, which he believes touches everybody.

Mr. Bao liked every program. He said he could tell that every actor and director were very serious and performed with their hearts. Their facial expressions and movements helped the audience to communicate with them. He said: "One must enjoy the show with his heart, then he will be touched and appreciate it."

Mr. Bao talked about the dances "The Risen Lotus Flower" and "The Power of Awareness." He said: "Modern society needs the spirit of Falun Gong. Especially the young people who are lost in the society should come to see the show. The show is a very good model, and our media should promote it so that more people will benefit."