(Clearwisdom.net) After the Chinese New Year Splendor show at New York's Radio City Music Hall, members of the audience were happy to talk about their impressions.

Edwin Brathwaite, a science and dance teacher from Brooklyn, had come to the show accompanied by his sister. He spoke very eloquently about his experience, "It's been phenomenal! The costumes, the artistry, the fluidity of movement, the patterns, the shapes, the choreographic devices are all great. The movement itself, as elegant as it is, all the things I teach my students, I see them here echoed in the dance...It really speaks to people, it really brings me closer to understanding the heritage of Chinese people." Mr. Brathwaite said that watching the show gave him a "really good feeling - it leaves you in the clouds." He praised the show for providing a good understanding about the Chinese people and culture. He mentioned that he teaches many students in the 5th, 6th, and 7th grades who come from the Caribbean, and he wished that they could have seen the show to learn more about Chinese culture. He has always loved the Chinese culture but now he is able to appreciate it even more. He said that the artistry, the technique, the finesse, the elegance, all seemed effortless, and that the artists seemed to be floating in the air. Mr. Brathwaite detected issues of uncertainty, triumph, and hope in the message of the performances, and felt that the show is able to contribute a positive message to Western society.

His sister, a social worker, agreed that everything was beautiful and breathtaking to her but that she was most intrigued by the piece where people were imprisoned for their spiritual beliefs.

Ilda Ragona, a retiree from New York City, attended the show with her friend Carolyn Spence. They both live in Queens. They enjoyed the colorful costumes and said the singing and dancing were very well done. They said that the various themes seemed like fairy tales from a very different culture. Both women said they would recommend the show to others.

Carrie is a classically trained singer from New York, although she sings in all kinds of styles, from classical to country music. She had seen ads for the show on TV, as well as a lot of other publicity "all over the city and in the subways," which prompted her to come to the show. She thought the singers were fabulous. Her favorites were the drumming and the mountain scene. She also gained insight into the Chinese culture, which is very different from the Western culture.

Scott Paletta, a front desk agent at a hotel in New York, was also impressed by the performance. He liked the different aspects of Western and Chinese cultural backgrounds and thought it was interesting how the stage backgrounds correlated with the costumes. His favorite piece was the Erhu performance. He thought it was such a tragically sad song and so beautifully played that it almost brought him to tears. Mr. Paletta said that some of the individual pieces transmitted a very clear and sometimes tragic message. For example, he recognized stories about resistance to evil and standing up for what you think is right.