(Clearwisdom.net) Prison doctor Gao Rizheng of the Bayuquan District Detention Center in Yingkou City, Liaoning Province ruthlessly tortures Falun Dafa practitioners with injections of harmful drugs. Gao Rizheng tortured Ms. Li Fengmei, an English teacher at Xiongyue High School, Yingkou City from 2003 to 2004.

From August 21, 2003 to September 22, 2004, Ms. Li Fengmei was detained at the Bayuquan District Detention Center. The guards brutally beat her many times, resulting in injuries to her head and left eardrum. She also suffered from internal bleeding and tuberculosis during her detention.

The guards at the detention center force-fed Ms. Li Fengmei through her nose twice. The second time, they inserted the tube forcefully, resulting in internal injuries. The tube was covered with blood when it was pulled out. Soon after that, she suffered from frequent, acute stomachaches.

Ms. Li Fengmei's illegal detention was kept secret. During her detention, she was taken to a local hospital for emergency treatment four times. Prison doctor Gao Rizheng put drugs into the drip twice at the hospital. A young doctor on duty challenged him and asked who would take responsibility if his actions were detrimental to Ms. Li's health. She then discussed the situation with the hospital director. After that, Gao Rizheng took Ms. Li Fengmei back to the detention center in secret.

After some time, the torture of Ms. Li Fengmei's was exposed on the Internet. Due to outside pressure, the detention center agreed to release Ms. Li Fengmei and prepared the paperwork for health insurance. Before releasing her, Gao Rizheng asked whether Ms. Li remembered who beat her. Li replied affirmatively. Gao Rizheng said to her, "So, you are still able to remember what happened to you!" Suddenly, Ms. Li's release was put on hold. Gao increased the drug dosage three-fold. As a result, Ms. Li's had problems breathing, experienced loss of energy, became too weak to walk, lost control over bodily functions, and felt numb all over. Many lumps appeared all over her body. Her entire body shook uncontrollably and she suffered from memory loss for two years.

In May 2004, the prison guards took her to the Shenyang Women's Prison. On the night before her departure, guard Zhao Wei and Gao Rizheng injected Ms. Li with an unknown drug.

The staff at the Shenyang Women's Prison refused to accept Ms. Li Fengmei because she tested positive for tuberculosis. They sent her back to the detention center, and her health declined steadily.

On September 22, 2004, staff from the Bayuquan District Detention Center took Ms. Li to the Shenyang Women's Prison for the third time. Li Fengmei was tortured there, as well.

Besides Ms. Li, other practitioners were also injected with unknown drugs by Gao Rizheng, including Mr. Li Guang, his mother Ms. Sun and practitioner Gong Enrong. Haicheng practitioner Mr. Li Guang and his parents were illegally detained at Bayuquan District Detention Center, and Li Guang suffered brutal beatings many times. His mother's stomach was extended abnormally. She coughed up blood and was suspected to have stomach cancer. During the night before she was taken to Dabei Women's Prison, Gao Rizheng injected her with an unknown drug. Ms. Sun's current situation is unknown.

In 2007, practitioners Gong Enrong and Che Hongfei were detained at Bayuquan District Detention Center. They also contracted tuberculosis, and Dalian Prison refused to accept them. They were taken back to the detention center and force-fed unknown drugs. Their families asked for their release, but prison doctor Gao Rizheng claimed that their illness was not severe enough. The requests were thus denied.

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Zhan Ziren


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Wang Yongsheng


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Zhang Yuanbo


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Gao Rizheng