(Clearwisdom.net) In addition to electric shocks, beatings, and forced feedings of hot mustard extract, etc., police officers from the Jilin City Detention Center and the police dog training center have come up with a new way to brutally torture Falun Gong practitioners. They fill plastic sacks with ground hot peppers, then cover the practitioners' heads with them. This is a very vicious form of torture.

One practitioner was recently tortured almost to death, then taken to an unknown location. Additionally, an unmarried young female practitioner was just admitted and is being persecuted. The most severely persecuted practitioner is Ms. Mu Ping. Ms. Mu has been tortured ever since her arrest in November 2006. In the police dog training center, the police force-fed her with mustard extract and injured her throat. The medical doctors proceeded to do surgery on her without using an anesthetic. It was very brutal. One of her arms has been disabled due to the beatings. They also put bamboo slivers under her fingernails and toenails and used electric batons to shock her face until it blistered. It was too horrible to view. Nevertheless, they still force-fed her.

Jilin City Detention Center:
Director Li Wei
Deputy Directors Liu Changjiang, Chong Maohua

Detention Center: from 86-432-4819000 through 48190994
Reception Room for the Director: 86-432-4819031, 86-432-4819032, 86-432-4819043, 86-432-4819044

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