(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese New Year Splendor brought together some of the finest performing acts ever to be presented at Radio City Music Hall. Along with it, people from many different nations filled the auditorium to revel in the show's magnificent brilliance.

Mirella Babba, a New York resident, is originally from Europe. She had many positive things to say about the Splendor. "I really enjoyed the show. Especially for someone who wasn't very familiar with the Chinese culture, it was a wonderful introduction. The dancing was great, and the facilitator's explanation of what was to come, that was very helpful throughout the whole show. I really enjoyed that.

"I liked the fantastic side of the Chinese tales. That is something that I have always noticed in movies and stories, so the fact that they were also trying to portray that in a dance setting was something I really liked. The animation that went on the backdrop was also very nice."

Ms. Babba attended the show with a friend, Vira Anrig, who is also an art lover. Ms. Anrig resides in Connecticut. She recollected an experience she had while visiting China, "I loved the young people that I met when I was there."

She described how, during her visit to China several decades ago, her traveling group experienced the very warm hospitality of the Chinese.

Two other Russians now residing in New Jersey, Alla Schwartz and Dagyana Reid, were very moved by the performance.

Ms. Schwartz described how she saw a commercial for the show on TV and decided to buy a ticket for her friend, Dagyana Reid, and herself.

Ms. Reid elaborated on her experiences in Russia years ago and drew some similarities between the communist rule she lived under and what was conveyed through a few of the programs, "We remember the Cultural Revolution in China. We sawit on TV and heard about it on the radio...it was sad, I was very sad. In Russia, when Stalin was leader, we had big problems, it was a very bad time. I guess for China, it's a bad time, too."

Ms. Schwartz enthused, " Bright! Everything was bright! The clothes, the dancers--wonderful! Every singer had a very strong voice. We had a wonderful time. I really, really enjoyed it!"

Ken Heaney, an electrician, said that he found the show fascinating and was taken aback because he did not know what to expect at first. After seeing it he said, "I think it's a great idea what you are doing with spreading the word about Chinese culture. The Chinese Culture itself has become such a powerhouse and perhaps it needs a revival to spread beyond the boundaries of Chinatown and this is a great start. This is our first time, and I hope we can see it again in a few more years."