(Clearwisdom.net) On February 19, 2008, the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular was staged at the World Forum Theater in The Hague, Netherlands. As estimated by the theater, it is considered a good showing if they have 50 % attendance at their usual performances, but the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular performed to an almost full house. The theater manager was pleased and said it was rare in their theater.

The Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular staged at the World Forum Theater in The Hague, Netherlands attracted a large audience

The audience in The Hague responded with enthusiastic applause to the wonderful performance by the Divine Performing Arts Touring Company

The audience in the Netherlands was fascinated by the Divine Performing Arts show

The audience's applause became more and more excited with the performance of each wonderful piece. At the beginning, they applauded only at the end of each number, and eventually, they burst into applause as soon as the curtain was raised. Finally the audience gave a round of applause as soon as the name of a performance was announced.

A family of three generations attended the Spectacular

Dr. Zeng's whole family enjoyed the Spectacular

Dr. Zeng brought his wife, daughter, and granddaughter to see the show.

Dr. Zeng's wife Dordregter is a retired teacher. She told the reporter, "Our whole family enjoyed each and every one of the performances. They were very very wonderful, very beautiful. I can't say which one I liked better. If I must pick one, I like the dance, 'Descent of the Celestial Kings' the most. My granddaughter liked the dance, 'The Risen Lotus Flower.'"

Their daughter, who works in a development consultant company, told the reporter, "Beautiful! It's really fantastic. Because my family is of Chinese descent, we want to carry forward the traditional Chinese culture."

Chinese people living in the Netherlands most impressed

Ms. Jiang, from China, and her family attended the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular

Ms. Jiang has been living in the Netherlands for almost six years. She came to the theater with her husband Corradino and their son to see the performance. She told the reporter that she felt a sense of relief seeing traditional Chinese culture, particularly such a large-scale Chinese Spectacular overseas, she was deeply moved. She liked the dance about Yue Fei who devoted his life to his country.

Mr. Guo and his daughter came to see the show. He said, "I received a flyer about the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular when I was shopping on February 5. I asked my daughter to get online to search about the show and decided to buy tickets." He also said happily that he liked every performance. His daughter, who grew up overseas said, "I also liked the show very much; particularly, the colors were very beautiful."

A Chinese person from Indonesia said, "Spectacular! Every performance was so nice."

Ms. Chen from China repeatedly said, "The performance was wonderful. I enjoyed it very much!"