(Clearwisdom.net) The 11-day run of the Chinese New Year Splendor at Radio City that ended on February 9 has brought joy and newfound appreciation of traditional Chinese culture and completed with intricate nuances and fascinating anecdotes.

Rosalin Colin, a retired secretary arrived at the Splendor with a group of senior citizens. Enthused and delighted, Rosalin said, "It's innovative and unbelievable! Make no mistake, it was a wonderful show." She repeatedly thanked NTDTV for bringing such a grand and unforgettable experience to the people of New York.

Sandra Stenson, a caterer, said she enjoyed the erhu performance accompanied by the piano. "It touched my heart and [the show] educates everyone about Chinese culture... the music ties in beautifully with the themes and actors and actresses." She also praised the "incredibly realistic" backdrops, especially the raining scene in the temple during "The Fruits of Goodness."

A woman that came with a group of people with a military background said with a smile, "We came last year, we are back again this year, and we'll come next year!" She called the show "exciting" and marveled at how "the backdrop transformed into live people on stage" and "of course, the tenor rocked the roof [hearty laugh]!."

Dr. Frank Marlow, a school superintendent particularly enjoyed the forsythia dance, which he said was "graceful" and informative of Chinese culture.

Bryant, a corporate consultant said, through the Splendor, "I learned about filial piety, loyalty, certain values and traditions that are essential to ancient Chinese culture, and how that's important. They are important for students to know, especially in a modern society, in a modern world."

Regarding songs and dances that address the persecution of Falun Gong, Bryant said, "I think it's definitely important to know where the country has been, [and to know] the real shortfalls of communism. My family is from a German background, so there is fascism in the history. [It's good] for students to know certain political structures, then certainly as the country moves forward, it can remember its roots and grow out of that."

Tiger Lily's parents were from China. She loved the fan dance, the sea nymphs, and "I love how the stories were so well told through dance", adding, "I wanted to see more of that...what you did put on was great!"