(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese New Year Splendor played its opening show on January 30, 2008, at Radio City Music Hall in New York. Many in the audience offered enthusiastic praise.

Dorothy Hubbard and husband Dan from New Jersey read about the Splendor in the New York Times, which prompted them to see the show for the first time. Dorothy said everything was fantastic and she loved the drummers. Also, "The dancers are so graceful, it's unbelievable. Lovely!"

Howard Cohen from Bronx, New York is a schoolteacher. He said, "We have cultural diversity in New York City. I would like to share it with my students." He said the choreography was "very interesting", the costumes were "dynamic", and it also carried a message of hope and inspiration. "Life has adversity, but through strength and courage we can overcome all the hardships, and we can be better people and altruistic to other people." He also said the overall quality was excellent, " The singing and background were very well done, it showed a lot of time and effort on the part of the performers and stage directors." He also noticed a more pensive aspect, "Even nowadays in China, there's persecution, and our society should be blessed that we can practice what we believe."

Naomi and her seven-year-old daughter Aorca shared enjoyment for the show. Naomi said, "Amazing! It was just incredible! It was really was. I learned so much about Chinese culture." She liked the plot, the symbolism and the dancing, and "thoroughly immersed" herself in the excitement of the whole performance. Aorca shared her thoughts, "It was really interesting! I learned what they [ancient and ethnic Chinese] wore, what they believed. [They have] really pretty costumes. I'm seeing it next year!"

Sharon, who works for the NYC Police Department is waiting for the adoption of twins in China, and she decided to become culturally savvy along with her friend Eleanor. After watching the Holiday Wonders show back in December, they returned for the Chinese New Year Splendor. Sharon summed up the experience with the word "superb" in Chinese.

Svetlana from Ukraine said, "The show is very colorful; I had a great time. [It opened up] a completely new world."

The Chinese New Year Splendor will play at Radio City Music Hall through February 9.