(Clearwisdom.net) I knew an elderly practitioner in a tight financial situation. She had two sons. The elder son was away from home, and she and her husband did not have any source of income. They lived with their younger son in a rented house. Her husband was sick and needed constant medication. Her daughter-in-law stayed home to take care of her young child. This five-member family lived on the income of their younger son. Sometimes, his pay was late, and the family was short of money. The practitioner would have to wait until dusk to go to the market so that she could buy the food at a cheaper price. Their clothes were all secondhand, given to them by friends and neighbors.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the older son came home to visit them and gave his mother a hundred yuan as a gift. She turned the hundred yuan over to me to be given to the Dafa truth-clarifying materials production center. I did not expect that under such harsh conditions she would still donate her money to save people. I witnessed her benevolent and unselfish heart.

When I took the hundred yuan, I could not control my tears. I knew that what was in my hand was not just money, it was a heart hoping to save all sentient beings.

In the past nine years of telling people the facts, saving people, and fighting against the persecution, some practitioners have sold their houses to get money to support the production of materials. All they wanted was to tell the Chinese people who have been badly poisoned and deceived by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to avoid perishing with the CCP when the Heavens annihilate it.

Sentient beings, please cherish the materials that you receive. They are not ordinary things. Rather, you are being saved because you still have a good conscience. Sentient beings, please don't doubt just because Falun Gong is still being persecuted and mistreated. Perhaps this is the process of evaluating people's hearts. I hope that you will cherish the materials and see through the CCP's lies. I truly hope that you will have a good future.