(Clearwisdom.net) This is the first time I have ever written about my cultivating experiences. I should have done this a long time ago.

I have cultivated in Dafa for twelve years and am 60 years old. My cultivation has been bumpy and I have encountered hardships. Nevertheless, I silently do the three things that Master requires of us. Because of the Fa in my heart, from the first day of my practice I have believed in Master and Dafa and walked firmly on the Fa-rectification path.

Since the onset of the persecution, on July 20, 1999, I have distributed thousands of Dafa information flyers to everyday people so that they will have a chance to understand Dafa. I have also asked many people to quite the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). All of my relatives, about twenty people, have quit the CCP. Each day, my only wish is to will help Master to save more people. This is my mission.

I have created my own Dafa information materials production site. I gathered articles from the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net), printed them out, made booklets, and distributed them to other practitioners who were amazed at what an elderly woman could do.

Under Master's Compassionate Protection

I knew the day I began cultivating that whatever I did would be under Master's protection. I would have not been alive, or my family would not have survived, if Master had not either taken the burden or helped us. Master has saved my life many times. For example, in 2000, my husband, a friend, and I had car accident on our way home. A big truck hit the front right-hand side of the car where I sat. One of the front wheels fell off, glass broke, and the front mirror was gone. The whole car was twisted, but I was able to crawl out the back door and was not hurt. My husband and friend were also not hurt. I knew that Master was there to save us. I paid a debt that time.

Prior to Dafa practice I had cervical polyps and had undergone two surgeries, which had not removed all the polyps. A year into the practice, while showering, my cervix spontaneously expelled some spongy material. I realized eventually that those were the bad elements being eliminated from my body. Another time, in 2006, I was cleaning the bathroom and had water all over my hands and body when I got an electric shock when I attempted to open the electric washer, but the shock was only limited to my fingers and didn't go to my feet. I lost consciousness, but became aware that I would have been killed had Master not saved me.

I have been so lucky because I am a Dafa practitioner. Master not only protects me but also my family. In late 2007 my son was on his way home in a car from a business trip. It was raining, and the roads were slippery. He had an accident. The car turned upside down, but he was safe and the damage to the car was minor. People at the scene were shocked by those unexpected results. Seven or eight people died from car accidents that same day at the same place, but my son and his car had only minor problems. My husband also had a car accident in late 2007. His car hit the curb and he lost control of the steering wheel. The three airbags inflated. He was not hurt, and the car sustained only minor damage.

It is due to the power and spirit of Dafa that I still have my whole family together and have a good cultivation environment. I can devote all my energy and time to Dafa. I am so grateful for what Master and Dafa have brought to us, which cannot be described in words. I have no reason not to cultivate diligently, not to eliminate attachments, and not to assimilate into Dafa.

Creating an Information Materials Production Site and Saving More People

Our foremost duty since the persecution began on July 20, 1999, is to explain what Dafa is all about and make public the CCP's persecution. The information flyer is the tool we use to help more people understand the facts. We had initially gone to a copy shop to make flyers, but this was expensive. In late 2004, I made the flyers. I had no previous computer experience, but I had the desire to save people. Without any background in English, then in my fifties, I began learning how to use a computer. With Master's and other practitioners' help, I was able to operate a computer within a few days.

When first making the flyers I had many problems with my printer. Sometimes the paper jammed or the ink was either too dark or too light. Whenever these things happened, I sent forth righteous thoughts. I also got online and learned how to fix the problems. It didn't take long before I learned to operate my computer and printer properly. Now everything is effortless. The process of going online is also the process of eliminating fear. I was initially afraid of getting online and worried that the police could detect this. Eventually I realized that I had to do it, or I would not be able to save people.

Many practitioners in my area didn't know how to go online. For years I printed copies of the "Minghui Weekly" for them and also other articles from the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net). For years, I have distributed countless Dafa materials including the Minghui Weekly, DVDs, and copies of the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party."Asking People to Quit the CCP

Although I am busy at the materials production site and with household chores, I utilize every opportunity such as grocery shopping or lunch with friends to explain the facts about Dafa and the persecution, and also to ask people to quit the CCP. My family at first didn't understand why I did this, but I persevered. I told them, "You should not be so selfish. You have quit the CCP to seek a better life, but others have not yet quit. It is my mission to ask people to quit the CCP in order to save their souls." With my persistence they let me continue my mission.

My husband is an army veteran. He has many army friends and colleagues who gather from time to time. Once about twenty of them gathered for a dinner with friends from outside of town. I used this opportunity at the dinner table to ask them to quit the CCP, and they all did! Many of his army friends were chiefs of staff or high-level officials. I live in the Army residential area and know many army officials and their families. I have visited their families and explained Falun Gong and asked them to quit the CCP. Saving these people is difficult, since security in the army residential area is tight. I can't bring them flyers and can only talk to them face to face. I have used various approaches to convince people to quit the CCP. Most of them did, but still, certain young army officials refused. I felt sad for them and continued sending forth righteous thoughts.

I have encountered many difficulties during the process of urging people to quit the CCP. Once when I asked a retired government official to quit the CCP, he became very angry and made a snide remark, but it didn't deter me. Another was one of my husband's army friends. When I attempted to ask him to quit the CCP, he refused the first time. But I didn't give up and kept trying, and he finally quit, after the sixth attempt.

I talk to anyone who shows up at my door, such as the water delivery boy, a repairman, or a newspaper carrier, I explain the facts and hand them the flyers and ask them to quit the CCP. I consider those to be people who have pre-destined relationships with Dafa.

Someone asked me how I was able to persuade so many people to quit the CCP. I told them that I was saving them, using my heart. I sent forth righteous thoughts when talking to them, and I found a common topic to begin the conversation. I was doing something good for them and was there to save them. This is actually Master's arrangement

Master reminded us,

"Right now every minute and every second is crucial. If you miss out during this period of time, you miss out on everything. History won't recur. The history of the cosmos and the Three Realms have gone through so many, long, long years--what have all the beings been waiting for? What are they all here for? For exactly these few years!" ("Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference")

Many beings are awaiting salvation right now. We can't stop saving people, we can't disappoint Master, who has done so much to save us, and we can't disappoint the beings who are relying on us. I have so many things to share, but don't have enough time to write about them. I will stop here and share additional experiences another time.