(Clearwisdom.net) I have had only four years of elementary schooling and didn't learn much vocabulary, but still I am able to write this article. Writing an experience sharing article for the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net) is a part of cultivation practice that I feel I should try. To write a good or bad article is not the point. It is better to write than not to write an article at all.

Since I began studying the Fa, if anyone asked me to talk about my understanding of the principles of the Fa, I probably wouldn't be able to do it. But, I think that in the process of writing this article I have been able to explain how I was able to do something in relation to my understanding of the Fa. I believe that Teacher let me have the wisdom to inspire my innate nature, because Dafa has the ability to do anything. My Teacher is the "King of Kings," capable of doing anything for me, as long as I do as Teacher requires.

No Fear in Validating Dafa

When the evil started persecuting Dafa in 1999, I had just begun the practice. I just knew that Dafa was good, that Teacher was good, and that Dafa leads people to be good. However, as soon as the persecution started, all of the Dafa practitioners in our small village (there were only a few) stopped practicing. Two years later, some practitioners from a nearby city came to our village, urging us to re-start cultivation practice. They gathered up all of the practitioners, organized a Fa study group, and set up a Fa study time and location. This Fa study group has maintained regular meetings, without interruption. In addition, we have had about eight new practitioners from the village join the group.

As Dafa disciples we knew we should take action against the persecution, but since we cultivate Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, we should not hit back when attacked and not answer back when insulted. Our mission is to expose the perpetrators' crimes, so as to help the world's people understand the truth about Falun Dafa, and to end this persecution. Back then, there was a fellow practitioner who was forced to leave his home due to the persecution. He regularly brought us self-adhesive tape with truth-clarification words written on it. Whenever we got hold of it, a few of us would quickly go out and distribute it right a way, regardless of the weather, be it storms or severe heat.

During the time of the lunar New Year, when the streets were crowded, it was good time to hand out truth-clarification materials. We asked practitioners to produce materials beforehand, so that we could put the materials into the clothes of my three young children (age from four to thirteen). All my children, including the little one, were very cooperative, as long as they knew that they were helping to validate Dafa.

I never had any fear of going out to validate Dafa, as I knew the sacredness of what we were doing, and always had righteous thoughts. Most times, after I had just handed out materials, I could hear the recipients behind me reading it aloud, with a tone of enjoyment.

Of course, the evil never stopped threatening us, and police cars were often parked along the roadside. Whenever I came across a police car, I immediately put a piece of the self-adhesive tape on it, provided there were no police inside. With the streets crowded during the Chinese New Year, it was quite easy to do, as long as you have courage and righteous thoughts.

Using Wisdom to Break Through Surveillance to Deliver Materials

One time a practitioner said to me, "When Mr. and Ms. Wang were released from prison, they were immediately put under around-the-clock surveillance. During the day someone from his office stands guard, and at night his relative watches them. How can we help them read Teacher's new Fa lectures and Minghui materials?" I thought that if they were not able to read, how could they keep pace with the process of Fa-rectification. So I said to her, "Tell me their address. I'll go there."

When I got home, I put all of Teacher's new Fa lectures in a plastic bag, and I went straight to their home. When I knocked on the door, a female appeared. I could tell she was not a practitioner just by looking at her. She asked, "Who are you looking for?" Without any fear I said, "Ms. Wang. I heard that they've been back home for a few days. I'm here to see her. I miss her very much." Mr. Wang walked swiftly towards me from his room. Although he did not know me, he naturally acknowledged me as being a fellow practitioner. As he was saying hello to me, he called his wife. The minute she saw me, she couldn't control herself, and started crying. I said, "I'm just here to see you."

As the woman who opened the door, was standing there watching me, I didn't enter the house. I said, "It's good that you are back home. I won't come in, but I'll drop by next time I'm free." Mr. Wang then walked me to the main door. As soon as the woman wasn't looking, I handed over Teacher's new lectures to Mr. Wang, as he quickly hid them in his clothes. When he opened the door, he said, "Come again next time when you can."

When practitioners are subjected to around-the-clock surveillance, it is very encouraging for them to obtain Teacher's latest Fa lectures. Fortunately, I was able to have all the materials ready to quickly pass on to them, so we were really fortunate this time.

The next time I went to the Wangs' home, I took a large winter melon, that I bought from a market. I cut a hole in it, inserted materials for them to read, and then re-sealed it. The same woman opened the door, and said, "You again!" I replied, "I have come to see how they are, after going through such a big ordeal. This is what I grow, so I brought them some."

Mr. Wang came out from his room saying, "We don't need it, we don't need it! We have got enough." I gave him a wink, so he changed his words, "It's okay to give us one, this winter melon could last a long time. Are your vegetables growing good this year?" As we walked towards the front door I told him, "I'll bring you a big pumpkin in a few days."

Supporting Practitioners Who Have Been Arrested with Righteous Thoughts

When the Chinese Communist Party participated in an illegal court trial against a fellow practitioner, many practitioners went there to send righteous thoughts. But they stayed outside the court, nearby. I rode my electric bike straight to the court, and circled around the courtyard to see what was going on. Then I parked my bike and walked straight into the courtroom. When inside I didn't see many people, except for a few of the practitioner's family members. So I went outside to tell the practitioners there about the situation. Many of them returned with me inside to the courtroom.

When inside the courtroom, I intentionally walked in front of the arrested practitioner, so she could see me. We had previously spent a lot of time together, so I knew she was a very dedicated and diligent practitioner. When she was arrested, I was there to give her a hug, and didn't retreat at a time when a fellow practitioner needed help the most. What else could I do?

There are so many practitioners that I knew who had been arrested. Sometimes, right after making contact with them, the practitioner would be arrested. One time, when I contacted a practitioner, the moment we met, he said, "An evil policeman has just ransacked my home. I have his cell phone number. His last name is He, but I don't know his first name." When I had this policeman's description, I went straight to the police station to find out more details. I found the policeman's full name on the public noticeboard. Then I gave this information to practitioner who were responsible for writing information for the Internet.

It wasn't long before fellow practitioners from overseas telephoned this policeman, who was responsible for ransacking the practitioners' home. He was so surprised, that he got hold of a few police and went to threaten the practitioner at their home. However, the couple were solid cultivators, and had no fear of facing the policemen. The male practitioner said, "Do I know you? Did you give me your phone number? Do I know your name?" The evil police were speechless. Then the female practitioner assisted her husband in clarifying the truth to them. When the village's Communist Party secretary heard that the police were at the practitioners' home, he came as well, and told the police, "Who dares touch him? I will take action against them."

The persecution was initially a plot by the CCP to destroy Falun Dafa, but it will end with its own disintegration. What I mean to say is, we should do things, no matter how noticeable they may seem, that benefit Fa-rectification. It was the actions of the police that exposed them for what they are, and gave reasons for overseas practitioners to telephone them. The police then realized that their vicious actions would not go unseen under the eyes of Dafa practitioners.

When It Comes, It Comes Without Pursuit

I own two make-shift greenhouses, made from plastic sheets, and some fields, which have always been good meeting places for practitioners to share. This was especially so a few years back when the persecution was more severe and there were tighter controls on practitioners. This area was not only good for meeting to share together, but also suitable for temporarily storing large quantities of truth-clarification materials.

There is an old saying, "One acre of garden, is equivalent to ten acres of field," which means the amount of time and energy spent on a garden is much greater than on a field. I could spend all day on a garden without having time to do anything else. Two of my uncle's gardens were right next to ours, and one of my uncle's wives' was also a practitioner, but she wasn't very diligent. Both uncle and aunt are always busy in the field or garden. As for me, as long as there are Fa-rectification things to do, I stop my work right away. My uncle said to my husband, "Why don't you discipline her? She's always busy somewhere else, and not working in the garden."

Although my uncle wasn't happy with me spending less time in the field, the vegetables we grew have never been less than theirs. When the tomatoes were almost ripe, my husband used to spray chemicals on them, to make them ripen quicker. I told him not to do it. I said, "These tomatoes all have life. Before they ripen, you abnormally strengthen them with chemicals, which is not only bad for the tomatoes, but it is also not healthy for humans who eat them." My husband basically listens to what I say, and generally agrees with what I say, as there have been many miraculous things that have happened to our family since I began practicing Dafa. Before I was a practitioner I would have sprayed the tomatoes with chemicals, as almost all vegetable farmers do, as this enables them to be harvested earlier and you can get a better price for them. However, since becoming a Dafa practitioner, I realize that we should let everything happen naturally, as every substance has life. So I stopped doing these things, and now I find it strange to say that even though we don't spray the tomatoes, it has not caused them ripen any later than anyone else's.

When I sell vegetables at the market, I am an honest seller. No cheating, no fooling. I am not attached to the selling price, so I can easily get all the vegetables sold quickly. While selling at the market, I am also able to clarify the truth to my customers. As soon as I start talking, people keep coming, even if they aren't there to buy vegetables.

During that period of time, I was extremely busy, mainly because I was doing things for the Fa-rectification, including clarifying the truth to people, gathering fellow practitioners to have a meeting, distributing materials, and going out of the province to deliver materials for fellow practitioners. Some Dafa practitioners said that I was a coordinator, but I really don't know what a coordinator is. There is one point I'd like to make. After I do all these things, I feel that what I have done is far less than what I have gained.

I have only done this little bit. I don't know how to speak well and don't know how to write well. However, I just know one thing - to do what Teacher wants - is the best. It's all up to us whether we comply with Teacher's wishes. This is what I am able to comprehend, "The cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master." (Lecture One, "Why Doing Cultivation Exercises Doesn't Increase Gong," from Zhuan Falun)

If we don't walk the path that Teacher has arranged, how can we cultivate and how can we increase our gong?

Thank you Master

Thank you fellow practitioners. Please kindly correct my errors.