(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioners who were sent to Zhejiang Province Women's Prison have been deprived of sleep, locked in one room, not allowed to wash themselves, forced to eat and go to the bathroom in the same room, held in solitary confinement for intensified brainwashing, and pressured to write the Repentance Statement. The room's windows were sealed with heavy cloth so that no sunlight could get in. Healthy practitioners were treated as mental patients and forced to take psychotropic drugs.

Partial list of Dafa practitioners illegally detained at this prison:

  1. Ms. Zhang Xiulian, 40, illegally sentenced to ten years, has been detained for more than six years. She has refused to renounce her faith in Falun Dafa and was treated as a mental patient. Every month, she was held down by four inmates, injected with drugs , and force-fed psychotropic drugs. She was not permitted to purchase any necessities and her right to family visits was denied. She did not have any underclothes or shoes to wear. She was not allow to talk and was forced to stand for long periods of time. She was persecuted by guards including Ge Liangzhen and Yu Haina.
  2. Ms. Yang Jian, 40, Ph.D, from Hangzhou, upheld her belief in Dafa. She was deprived of sleep and was not allowed to wash herself, even in the summertime. She was also forced to stand for extended periods of time.
  3. Ms. Shan Cuifeng, 59, is from Lishui. She developed numerous illnesses after a long term of forced hard labor. The prison cut down her food supply, falsely claiming that she had diabetes, and forced her to take drugs. Her personal winter bedding was taken away by inmate Wu Ying. (Wu Ying was on death row. With the enticement of sentence reduction, she was instigated by guards to persecute Dafa practitioners.)