(Clearwisdom.net) On October 22, 2008, Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Yu Guohua from Babao Village, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province clarified the facts about Falun Dafa to her former colleague, Hu Jingkui. Hu reported her to Beita Police Station in Chaoyang.

On the morning of October 23, four plainclothes officers from Beita Police Department broke into Ms. Yu's home, illegally searched it, and confiscated her Falun Dafa books. Later, they also coerced her husband, Mr. Li Hongxiang, into helping look for her. Ms. Yu was working at the Lingboshanzhuang Estate. Police subsequently brought Mr. Li to an underground chamber inside the Beita Police Department to interrogate and torture him.

In the process of searching for Ms. Yu, the four policemen broke into her workplace by breaking a door to pieces. As Ms. Yu attempted to escape, she accidentally fell from the third floor and was severely injured. Her right heel was fractured and cut. Her ankle and foot were dislocated, and her pelvis was fractured.

An ambulance took Ms. Yu to a hospital. The four police officers continued to threaten and harass other employees at the estate. They took the estate manager and accountant to the Beita Police Department for interrogation. During the arrest, the police maliciously pushed them, causing the female accountant to hit her head against a wall. The police claimed that these people had protected Ms. Yu and obstructed their pursuit.

Ms. Yu is currently hospitalized. Her family has been persecuted without reason by police from Beita Police Department and an informant, Hu Jingkui. This persecution has destroyed both Ms. Yu's health and the family's savings. Her family has endured tremendous pressure.

Ms. Yu Guohua is a diligent worker; she is trusted by the residents at her workplace and upper management. One of her bosses raised her salary of his own initiative and asked her to manage the cleaning department. Her noble character is widely acknowledged by the estate residents and her co-workers.

The informer, Hu Jingkui, also lives in Babao Village and was formerly a guard in the Third Construction, but he lost his job. He is notorious among the community and in his company, and people call him an "evil dog." He doesn't get along with his colleagues or his neighbors, and his family members have even plotted against him. Hu's elder brother once inadvertently annoyed him, and in revenge, Hu stabbed a sickle into the ribs of one of this brother's farm animals. People who know Hu have said, "Since his daughter-in-law and son divorced, he has lost contact with his son. He sold his son's three-year-old son for money." Hu has now reported a good person to the authorities, which has led to Ms. Yu and her husband being persecuted. Those who have heard this news have reprimanded him.

Chaoyang area code: 86-421; Zip code: 122000
Informer Hu Jingkui: 86-421-2860266 (Home)
Beita Public Security Sub-bureau: 86-421-2613835
Political commissar, Song Delin: 86-421-2615315 (Office), 86-421-2631012 (Home), 86-13904216039 (Cell)
Deputy chief, Guan Liquan: 86-421-2622649 (Office), 86-421-2628095 (Home), 86-13704917939 (Cell)
Deputy chief, Li Wujun: 86-421-2614690 (Office), 86-421-2965985 (Home), 86-13942182801 (Cell)
Deputy chief and chief of District Team, Gao Dianyin: 86-421-2832015 (Office), 86-13942170010 (Cell)
Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and chief of general team, Cong Riyu: 86-421-2612471 (Office), 86-421-2925616 (Home), 86-13942134950 (Cell)

November 8, 2008