(Clearwisdom.net) The nine-year-old daughter of Dafa practitioner Mr. Guo Jian and his wife is a second grade student at the Zhenxing Second School in Heping District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. Every day, she grasps the hands of her elderly grandparents and begs them to bring her parents back.

At 6:00 am on August 19, 2008, Mr. Guo Jian, 35, a taxi driver who lives at the West Gate of Nanhu Park in Shenyang City, was illegally arrested outside his home by police officers from the Xinxing Police Station. Around noon, police officers deceived his family to open the door and then barged in and took a computer and other personal belongings.

Before practicing Falun Dafa, Mr. Guo Jian had a very bad temper and he often fought with others. After practicing Dafa, he became a changed person. He started to care for his parents and brothers and he stopped cheating about the distances he drove his taxi. The owner of the taxi said that Mr. Guo is truly a good person.

Mr. Guo is currently detained at the Heping Police Station. His wife, Gu Xhunying, 32, was also illegally arrested on September 16. Ms. Gu is a very kind person. She is currently detained at the Shenyang City Detention Center.

When the police took Ms. Gu away, they wanted to send their daughter to a children's reform school. The child's teacher said that the girl has grandparents, and therefore, she ended up living with her elderly grandparents.

Related phone numbers:

Heping Police Station, Shenyang City: 86-24-23526637

Xinxing Police Station, Shenyang City: 86-24-23862289
Director: Wangren
Vice Directors: Zhang Li, Jia Chun, Guo Yanchun, Gao Sen
Police officer involved: Liu Fuchen (took part in the arrest of Mr. Guo Jian)

November 10, 2008