(Clearwisdom.net) At a friend's invitation, Mr. Chu Wei-Bor, a renowned Taiwanese artist, drove the long distance from Jinshan to Shihlin to view the Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance International Art Exhibition. After seeing the exhibit, Mr. Chu indicated that he felt that the artists were using this format to help people discern good from evil, and said that the artworks presented compassion and made a significant contribution to humanity.

Renowned artist Chu Wei-Bor (right)

Mr. Chu believes that people need morality and conscience. In a society that doesn't stress morality, especially in a country with an emphasis on materialism, people don't believe in divine beings. They destroy religions and only think of themselves. However, he saw in the Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance Art Exhibition that Falun Gong practitioners' artworks were based on morality and conscience, and weren't created simply for their own sake. The paintings truly reflected the artists' thoughts on the nature of life and compassionate consideration of others.

Having experienced the massacre of Nanjing and the civil war, Mr. Chu has a deep understanding of the meaning and value of life. He said that people must be able to tell good from evil. Falun Gong practitioners' artworks show people the difference between good and evil and how to turn back from the wrong path. He feels that the show emanates compassion and is a very significant contribution to humanity.

Mr. Chu talked about the painting "Innocent Call," describing how it uses a realistic technique. The water drops are pure and clear. The artist's heart can been seen through the clear water drops and the girl's eyes.

Mr. Chu said he admired the artists, adding that the artists' cultivation is clearly reflected in their artworks. He signed the petitions after seeing the paintings exposing the persecution. "What the Chinese Communist Party is doing will be become a scar in history. It will be recorded in history," said Chu.