(Clearwisdom.net) Divine Performing Arts (DPA) has showcased traditional Chinese culture and its rich content gracefully and elegantly. The DPA name became well-known after its ten performances on Broadway in December 2007. After that, DPA toured over 60 cities around the world and performed over 200 shows. The shows received a warm welcome from a total combined audience of 650,000 people of different ethnic, national, and cultural backgrounds. People from all walks of life praised DPA's performances and expressed favorable opinions of the quality of the shows.

A year has gone by now and the stunning impact of DPA's performances is still remembered. Professor Chen from National Taiwan University said, "I always remember the scenes and they can emerge in my mind at any time. DPA has caught people's attention and when it comes again, there should be more people attending the shows."

Attitude Changes During the Performances

Professor Chen's wife, Ms. Chiu, remembers how she first saw DPA's show in the Spring of 2007. She heard about DPA's success and the rave reviews in the US and had been looking forward to seeing the show. DPA came in April and Prof. Chen, who does not like going to see shows, found every excuse not to go. It took Ms. Chiu a lot of effort to finally get him to attend.

Prof. Chen sat in his seat with his legs crossed and seemed unhappy. As the program "Creation" started, Ms. Chiu saw her husband sit up straight and look very serious. As he watched the subsequent programs, his applause became louder, and he said, "These are divine beings, not humans, performing!" He stood up and clapped at the end of the show, "It's magical. I am so stunned." Prof. Chen told Ms. Chiu, "Dear, thank you so much." When they got home, he handed his wife the amount she paid for his ticket, "I want to pay for this excellent show myself."

One Can Feel the Immense Buddha Light Shining on Sentient Beings

Learning that DPA was returning in March 2008, Prof. Chen immediately bought tickets. After seeing "Descent of the Celestial King," he said, "I was so moved. I felt (the King's) power. I felt it more strongly than the last time I saw it." Prof. Chen was impressed by this program both times he watched the show, "As soon as the program started, I had the feeling that the light emanating from the King will shine on sentient beings. I will always remember this scene."

DPA will perform in six major cities in Taiwan from February 20 to March 22 in 2009. Prof. Chen said that those who missed the show should go see it. He believes there will be a lot of people going to the shows because DPA's name is well-known now. "I will introduce the show to my family members, friends, and the teachers and students in school and tell them the show is truly great and worth seeing."