(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Li Haiqing, 45 years old, from Binzhou City, was an official at the former Binzhou Medical College. Binzhou City police sent him to the Bincheng Detention Center four times for his persistence in practicing Falun Gong. He was given a three-year forced labor sentence and a four-year sentence in a detention center. The persecutors tortured and maltreated Mr. Li ruthlessly. They injected him with unknown drugs, hit his vital parts with electric batons and subjected him to other severe abuses.

On February 28, 2004, Binzhou City police deceived Li Haiquing, saying that they needed to talk to Mr. Li and his wife. They then took the couple to the Bincheng Detention Center. Following seven months of detention, they handed Li Haiqing a four-year sentence in a secret court trial.

While in detention, the guards savagely abused Li Haiqing. Among other acts of abuse, the guards injected him with drugs that damage the central nervous system (drugs used for euthanasia) more than twenty times. Pretending to take him for medical treatment, the guards one day carried Mr. Li to the detention center clinic where he was given large doses of injections of some unknown drugs over several consecutive days.

The guards also struck Mr. Li's head, chest, and other vital parts, causing him to lose consciousness three times. On another occasion the guards suffocated Mr. Li until he passed out.

After the guards failed to kill Mr. Li, they hired some people who pretended to be inmates to kill him. However, these people were afraid before a Falun Gong practitioner's strong will and miraculous powers to survive all kinds of murder attempts. After several murder attempts failed, no one would attempt to kill him any more.

Later, the guards stopped giving Li Haiqing food and water for over forty days and continued to inject him with unknown substances, putting his life in great peril. The guards lied to his family members, saying that he had staged a hunger strike in the detention center.

Those who were involved in the persecution of Li Haiquing included guards Hu, Qu, and Du, Li Bo, a female doctor, and several others who pretended to be inmates. Those behind the scenes were the Minister of Public Security Zhou Yongkang, the Binzhou City Police Department head, the Bincheng District Police Department head Wang Xingjun, and Binzhou 610 Office officials Cao Letang and two others surnamed Qiu and Wang.

On December 20, 2004, Li Haiqing was transferred to the Weifang Prison in Shandong Province where he continued to experience similar brutal maltreatment. For almost nine months, from February to November 2007, the guards gave him injections of unknown drugs and hit him on his head with wooden batons, causing him to become comatose several times. However, with his firm belief in Master and Dafa, and with Master's compassionate protection, Mr. Li awoke from the coma each time.

Li Haiqing is leading a homeless life in order to avoid further persecution.