On October 14, 2008, Canada held a general election, and the Conservative Party that has long been supportive towards Dafa won the election by a big margin. Before the election, because we were very busy with the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) shows during the Mid-Autumn Festival, we hardly had any time to think about the election. After we were finished with the shows, there were only a couple of weeks left before the election. During this very short period of time, practitioners actively shared their understandings and started taking action. We came to the understanding that as Dafa practitioners, we ought to have a righteous understanding about big issues such as the general election in a democratic country. The righteous thoughts of Dafa practitioners in a country can have a decisive impact upon the future of that country. We are not interested in politics and have no attachment to who might be elected. Although the Conservative Party government had always been very supportive towards Dafa, we did not hold any notion that they should be elected. We were very clear in our mind that we would send forth righteous thoughts to support all those who had a positive understanding about Dafa to be elected, no matter which party they belong to. At the same time we also held a righteous thought: those who have bad moral characters and who insist on cooperating with the evil Communist regime must not be elected.

Then there was an issue: the candidates must take a stand on Dafa, otherwise how would gods position them? This meant that we must do everything we could within two weeks to let the candidates in our respective constituencies know the facts about Falun Gong, so that they would have a chance to declare their stance. No matter what they were doing or what they had on their mind, Master and gods only see their hearts.

We understood that the government of a country also played an important role in relation to the salvation of the people in that country, so it was very important that we hurried up to save those candidates, because in the last week before the election it would be very difficult to meet with these people. At the time, they were still holding election activities in their own constituency, so we still had about six days. This was an opportunity for us to go straight to these candidates in our constituency. We reminded each other to make the best use of these few precious days. We realized that the situation would be quite different if each of us could spend just two or three hours clarifying the facts to the candidates.

At that time, we asked all practitioners who could speak English to find out the details about the time and place of the activities, and arranged for experienced practitioners to help others collect information about the time and place of debates in each constituency and inform everyone via email. We called on practitioners in each constituency to participate in the election activities and encouraged others who might have time to go along. We also encouraged those who could not speak English to go with those who could, so that they could help as their interpreters. This way those who could not speak English were also able to clarify the facts to save the candidates.

Before we went, we needed to prepare ourselves and took with us materials for clarifying the facts, which might include the organ harvesting investigation report by WOIPF (the report can be downloaded from their website), and other reports and materials exposing the evil conduct of the CCP that is happening in China right now. In short, we focused on exposing the evil nature of the CCP and telling people about the benefits of Falun Dafa to society and about the persecution of Falun Gong in China. We would ask the candidates how they view these matters. Some practitioners also prepared a few questions for others to use (an example is shown at the end of this sharing). If we had a chance, we would ask questions at the debates, so that all the people present would have an opportunity to hear the facts. We had a clear understanding that asking or not asking questions was not the key point, and we did not differentiate between the candidates either. We Dafa practitioners will give everyone a chance and will try to save everyone. Our going there and clarifying the facts is the most important thing.

Because we hosted the DPA shows, we really did not have much time to engage ourselves in clarifying the facts in conjunction with the general election. However, we believe that for gods, two weeks are long enough as long as we do things with righteous thoughts and righteous actions. During those few days, everyone took action. We shared information via email; practitioners contacted each other and went to debates in groups. The key point was that every practitioner gained a righteous understanding about the general election, and our thoughts formed huge righteous fields in other dimensions.

When the election result was published, and the party that had been supporting Dafa had been re-elected, we did not get overjoyed and our hearts were not moved either. Instead, we shared and understood that we must continue to clarify the facts to the MPs in our respective constituency and to make up for what we had not done well in the past. No matter which party they belong to, they all need to be saved.

The general election in the US has also come to its last phase, with only a couple of days left. I have written this short sharing as an encouragement to fellow practitioners in the US, and I hope the candidates to be elected will also be those who have learned the facts about Dafa and who hold a positive attitude towards Dafa. This would bring a good future to the American people.

A sample question:

"Many people in the west, especially many elected officials are eager to sacrifice principles for doing trade and business using the excuse of engagement. However, the reality is: the Chinese Communist Regime has killed 80 million people; there have been credible reports that it has been harvesting organs of Falun Gong practitioners, because they believe in Truth-Compassion-Forbearance, killing them in the process. But the world remains silent facing such atrocities. Now it was discovered that most milk products in China contain poison, which has killed babies, and caused many infants to suffer kidney diseases. The regime remained silent about it for some time when this was found out in August during the Olympics, causing more children to die and get sick.

What is your position on this matter?"