(Clearwisdom.net) When I notice on the Clearwisdom website that Dafa practitioners are still being persecuted, I am really pained. The evil in other dimensions is manipulating the bad people to do this. The persecution has already lasted for nine years, and practitioners have also cultivated for a number of years. Now, as Master tells us, it has come to the end of the final phase of our cultivation, and hopefully many practitioners are about to reach Consummation. So why are practitioners still being persecuted in the surface dimensions? How could practitioners who about to cultivate into divine beings still be "humans" at the same time? Is it because of our own problems? It certainly is!

If one studies the Fa and practices the exercises every day, he or she is already a supernatural person. A cultivator carries gong, high-energy matter, and I think they are things similar to "atomic bombs" and "neutron bombs." Seeing these things, the evil is frightened and automatically disintegrates, so why are practitioners still being arrested and sentenced? The reason is that they themselves have not thought this way and do not hold this view. They have no such thought. As a result, even with such high-energy matter on their bodies, they still can't use it. This amounts to the same as shutting off one's abilities, so the evil can get its way. From the Fa, I understand that high-level beings are the trinity called "True Body, True Spirit, and Thought." If one does not have such a "thought," one will not have such a corresponding ability and is still a "human."

If one has a human body, then one will have the human thoughts, this is for sure. However, we can become fully aware of and catch this human thought and not let it play its role. We should not let our human thoughts run wild. Even more so, we should not let human thoughts control our behavior. In Dafa cultivation one needs to "look inward" and "cultivate one's mind." This is the difference between a human and a divine being, as Master has taught us.

Currently, the only one who can interfere with a Dafa cultivator is the cultivator him or herself. We want to cultivate to become deities and not remain humans. If we can use righteous thoughts to restrict our human thoughts at all times, and not let these human thoughts function, we will be steadily on the path to divinity, and the evil will no longer be able to interfere with us.

September 23, 2008