(Clearwisdom.net) Early in 1993 I woke up twice from my dreams and saw clearly a tall Taoist person in a long black gown, with a ribbon tied at the waist, a sword at his back, and his hair coiled on top of his head.

Listening to Master Speak at the Electric Industry Culture Palace in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province

July 16, 1993, is a date I'll remember as long as I live. I was so fortunate to be able to attend the class Master presented in Qiqihar. When I saw a tall, great, compassionate, and kingly Master, I felt as if I had seen him somewhere before. Actually, it turned out that Master was the Taoist I had seen in my dreams. Master found me in advance, to help me begin cultivation.

Master addressed us each night. He would arrive half an hour early and answer students' questions before the class started. My question was: "I had reluctantly invited some unrighteous things and set up a family hall for worship. Now that I had started to practice Falun Gong, what should I do?" Master replied, "Once you have the thought of wanting to get rid of it, it will be cleaned up in a second."

Master healed an ill woman surnamed Mei who was present at the class. She was so grateful to Master that she mailed him 200 yuan, but Master returned the money.

Between classes I saw Master in the Cultural Palace lobby. He was neatly dressed in a white, short-sleeved shirt and gray trousers. I found it remarkable that Master was dressed so plainly.

Prior to beginning cultivation I had many illnesses. Seeking treatment at many big hospitals failed to help me recover. Since cultivating in Dafa, all the illnesses that had tortured me and the confusion in my life disappeared.

Attending Master's lecture in Changchun, Jilin Province

At end of April in 1994, another practitioner and I went to Changchun and listened to Master lecture at Mingfang Palace at Jilin University. The class lasted ten days, in two shifts, daytime and night. Master traveled by bus to Jilin University for his daily lectures. Once I walked along a tree-lined path at the university and saw Master slowly walking toward me from far off. I called out excitedly, "Oh, Master!" Master nodded at me compassionately and peacefully. I couldn't say anything, as if something was holding me back.

One day, practitioner Wang Weijun who had come from Qiqihar to attend the class went backstage. He handed Master a photo of his younger sister, who had been ill for many years, and said, "Please treat my sister." Master took the photo, shook it, and returned it to him. Wang then asked, "Can my sister practice Falun Gong?" Master said, "No problem." Even now his sister is still very well.

At the end of the class, all of us from different places had group photos taken with Master. Eventually every practitioner had stood up for a photo on the steps of Mingfang Palace except one, who sat, crutches by his side. Then Master said, "Put down your crutches." The practitioner had a realization and complied at once. Master said, "Step forward!" Then he stepped forward. Everyone parted to let him pass and applauded him. He took one step and then another, and at last even ran in small steps. Many of us cried with excitement.

I looked eagerly at Master during the photo taking with Harbin practitioners, hoping to be next to Master in the photo. He said lightly to me, "You can stand here." But another practitioner said, "You'd better not stand there, because they won't be able to find you and give you the photo after it is printed." Because I was from another city, I hesitated and missed that precious chance. Later on my older brother said to Master, "Master, I came here late and also wanted to be in the picture with you." Master said, "I don't have enough time for individual photos with each of you. Go and find all the practitioner from your area and we can take a group photo together." That is what we did. My wish was granted. I finally had a photo taken by standing by Master.

Each time I look at this photo I am choked with emotion, hearing again Master's voice and seeing his smiling face in front of my eyes, to encourage me to cultivate more diligently.

Attending Master's Fa class in Dalian, Liaoning Province

In July 1994, during the hot summer, a group of practitioners and I went to Dalian. I listened to Master lecture upstairs. Almost all the practitioners there were fanning themselves and couldn't concentrate on the lecture. Then Master said, "You should put down your fans. The more you fan, the hotter you feel." My insights were not well developed then, so I still fanned myself secretly.

One day before the class a practitioner told us that a practitioner from France had asked Master to treat his child with hyperkinetic syndrome at home. Master said, "Do you have your child's picture? " He replied, "No." Then Master said, "Just think about where your home is." The next day he received a long distance call from his family and was told, "Yesterday a big fire ball entered our house, and then our child recovered." Everyone was so excited to hear that and had more confidence in cultivation.

Many good people attended, and many good deeds were done: those who had lost a wallet, a necklace, a watch, or other items got them back again. Master would say each time, "Those who have lost anything can pick them up after class."

Guangzhou, the last time I attended Master's Fa class

Before I went there, I heard that living costs in Guangzhou were high. Another practitioner and I traveled together. We took a box of instant noodles and a box of biscuits. Actually, Master had arranged our accommodations earlier: Students at Guangzhou Chinese Medicine University were on vacation, and three of us slept on two beds, only 20 "yuan" per day. Most of the people living in the dorms were practitioners. We got to communicate with other practitioners. They knew that we only ate instant noodles. Several days later a practitioner said to me, "I told Master about your situation, and he wept." I burst into tears. That night, Master sent out many Falun into the Guangzhou sky, and all practitioners plus two non-practitioners living at the university saw the spectacular sight. It lasted for more than two hours. We all ran to a balcony, cheering and jumping. Then all of us practiced the exercises together.

During all the classes, I always heard graceful music echoing in the sky to my left. After the class was over, everyone traveling home on the train were practitioners who had attended the class. We communicated with each other with compassion and sincerity. I will never forget that experience.