(Clearwisdom.net) Since many practitioners are not familiar with information technology, they are afraid of using the operating system created by everyday people, and because of that many material production sites' operations were affected.

The information technology safety issue has been a big problem for us. Some practitioners have gone to one of two extremes. Those who did not know the technology also did not pay attention to the safety issue, and the practitioners who were very good with the technology pursued absolute safety and spent a lot of time securing the software and operating systems. Actually, absolute safety does not exist and every safety precaution will cost time and effort. For computer and network usage, safety is about following the basic safety principles and maintaining good habits. However, right now some practitioners are afraid of using software compiled by non-practitioners. They are also afraid of going to everyday people's websites. This has affected their Dafa-related work.

A few years ago, there were fewer people using anti-blockade software. Currently, many everyday people use it all the time, and some everyday people's websites also publicly recommend such software. However, some practitioners still limit themselves in their environment.

From the safety point of view, doing nothing is the safest thing. However, we need to fulfill our mission and need to balance safety and action. For example, when a computer is old and frequently malfunctions, we could temporarily use a non-practitioner's computer. We should not stop our work. Maybe the computer system you used had a security weakness or virus. However, we should not be afraid of this. In China, many people use unsafe computer systems and many use anti-blockage software. Of course, this only applies when there is no other alternative.In fact, for many technical questions, we can easily find answers on the Internet. It is fast, does not need the anti-blockage software and does not require waiting for other people's help. Furthermore, there is no safety problem. I do not know computer technology very well, but so far I have solved most of the problems by myself. I usually search for the answer first on the Internet.

I heard a story from a practitioner, and it was very touching. I have attached the practitioner's original words below:

"A practitioner is blind, and other practitioners thought she would bring a lot of trouble to other practitioners. They cared about her on the surface, but they actually tried to avoid her. After July 20, 1999, there were no practitioners to help her. In the beginning, I also thought she should not participate in the truth-clarifying material production. However, she silently learned how to use the computer and produced truth-clarifying materials at home. If she could send the materials to other practitioners, she let them deliver the truth-clarifying materials. If not, she just walked along the corridor by herself to deliver the materials. If I were not beside her when she produced the truth-clarifying materials, I would not believe that a blind person could finish printing and burning CDs with only her family member's minimum help. When I looked at her computer, I was even more surprised. The software installed on her computer was all software developed by CCP personnel. She used this computer for three and a half years. She only went to a very few websites such as Minghui and FGM TV. Every time she finished downloading, she left the website. She even did not know what other websites were available on the Dynaweb. I hope this can give our practitioners some inspiration."