On January 30, 2008, the New Tang Dynasty Television Chinese New Year Splendor opened at its main venue-- Radio City Music Hall in New York. Officials from various countries' consulates attended the show as invited guests.

After the show concluded, a reporter met the Consul General of Haiti outside the theater. Consul General Felix Augstin said, "Fantastic! Fantastic! It's a show to remember. It connects the past to the present, and shows the 5,000 years of civilization in China. It's  a very good show! I will come back again."

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Officials of the Haiti Consulate in New York also attended the Spectacular. Consul General Felix Augstin (right) felt this was a very good performance. Vice consul Myriam Alesis (left) felt every performance was perfection.

Consul General Felix Augstin's favorite dance was "Drummers of the Tang Court. "It's a connection between your civilization and our civilization, so I think the drum was one of the most beautiful part of it. Both of the drums were great."

Vice-consul Myriam Alesis said, "I  really enjoyed it. I like the costumes, they have a lot of colors, and I really enjoyed the show. The dances... I don't know, I feel every part was perfect. I really really enjoyed it."


The reporter also met an Indian lady with her child, in traditional costume. She did not reveal her name, but indicated her husband was an official from the Indian Consulate. “This has been a very different experience for us. It's been the first experience for us to see a Chinese show like this. [The show] was extremely colorful. I have read a lot about Chinese shows and culture, I think this show very well represents what I have heard about or read about China,” she said. Her favorites were also the drum performances.