(Clearwisdom.net) Debbie Gin, administrative assistant for a company in San Francisco, was asked about her impressions of the New Year Spectacular show. She replied, "Oh, I really liked it. It was so different. I had not seen anything like it before. The costumes were really something. I want to see it again next year--I will come back. Everything about it was really great. It was exciting and so well executed."

She also mentioned that she felt a connection between herself and the stories portrayed in the dances. "There was real truth in some of the stories. They embodied truthfulness-compassion-forbearance, I believe in those words. I could feel the words--they really moved me."

When she was asked what impressed her most, she said, "You know, it was all good. I can't really say which one was the most impressive. They all meant a lot to me. All of them. I liked the reality--it seemed like I was there, in the performance--it just made me feel like I was right there. That was great, the first time I had ever seen a show like that. It was well worth seeing. At first I didn't know what was going on, because I thought it was all just dancing, singing, and all that, but there were words on the backdrop that really touched my heart."

When she was asked about her feelings while watching the show, she replied, "There were parts where I was sad and moments of happiness. It's really hard to describe. It touched my inner self. I've gone through something like that, too. It's hard to express exactly."