Mayor of Las Vegas, Nevada

Proclamation from the Mayor:


Whereas, Divine Performing Arts is presenting its annual Chinese New Year Spectacular at the Las Vegas Hilton Theatre on January 21, 2008; and

Whereas, more than 650,000 people will have the change to experience the Spectacular shows live in 70 cities from January through May 2008, making it the largest world-class Chinese performance series in the world; and

Whereas, with the unique use of background scenery, costumes and choreography, the Spectacular is a wonderful experience for the community; and

Whereas, Divine Performing Arts is commended for their efforts to bring the best of Chinese culture for our community to enjoy; now

Therefore, I, the Mayor of the City of Las Vegas, County of Clark, State of Nevada, hereby proudly proclaim Monday, January 21, 2008, to be Divine Performing Arts Day in the city of Las Vegas and ask all citizens to acknowledge Divine Performing Arts and the 2008 Chinese New Year Spectacular.

Proclamation from the Mayor

Proclamation from the City Council:


Whereas, Divine Performing Arts was created in 2006 with a mission to rediscover the essence of true, traditional culture by creating magnificent performance that celebrate human dignity and positive value; and

Whereas, Chinese New Year Spectacular 2008 will be celebrated in Las Vegas by the Divine Performing Arts through classical Chinese dances, joyous music, striking scenery and gorgeous costumes. The "Spectacular" showcases the legends that have shaped the Chinese culture and highlights events from China's past and present; and

Whereas, the New Year Spectacular will explode with authentic, traditional Chinese performing arts and music that cannot be found anywhere in the world. More than 600,000 people will have the opportunity to experience this multi-million dollar production showcasing 5000 years of ancient and modern day Chinese history. The New Year Spectacular shows will perform live in 70 cities from January through May 2008; and

Whereas, we are proud to be among the selected cities that will host the New Year Spectacular and we feel fortunate that our community will have the opportunity to witness ancient and modern Chinese culture presented in a magnificent performance; and

Therefore, we, the Mayor and Members of the Las Vegas City Council, do hereby take great pride in welcoming Divine Performing Arts Chinese New Year Spectacular to the city of Las Vegas and urge all citizens to join with us as we celebrate Chinese New Year 2008.

Proclamation from the City Council