Mayor of Reno, Nevada

Whereas, Divine Performing Arts is presenting its annual Chinese New Year Spectacular at the Las Vegas Hilton Theatre on January 21, 2008; and

Whereas, more than 650,000 people will have the chance to experience the Spectacular shows live in 70 cities from January through May 2008, making it the largest world-class Chinese performance series in the world; and

Whereas, the Spectacular uses the expression of Chinese classical dance, showcasing genuine traditional Chinese culture with pure truthfulness, pure compassion, and pure beauty; and

Whereas, Divine Performing Arts of the Spectacular is commended for their achievements in rediscovering the traditional cultural arts of China; and;

Whereas, the Spectacular blends the divine charm of the East with the holiday spirit of the West; and

Whereas, this year's show brings to the same stage hundreds of dancers, musicians, and vocalists with the unique use of background scenery, costumes and choreography, making the Spectacular a wonderful cultural observance; and

Whereas, Divine Performing Arts should be praised for its continued efforts to bring the best of Chinese culture to Las Vegas and to the entire world; and

Whereas, it is certain that the Spectacular will be an essential part of Las Vegas' Chinese New Year traditional for years to come.

Now, Therefore, I, Robert A. Casbell, Sr., Mayor of the City of Reno, Nevada, do hereby proclaim Monday, January 21, 2008, as a day to honor the Divine Performing Arts in and for the city of Reno, and I encourage all citizens to recognize the Divine Performing Arts and the Chinese New Year Spectacular celebration and enjoy event that is worthy of out highest esteem and respect.