(Clearwisdom.net) On January 12, 2008, the Divine Performing Arts' Chinese New Year Spectacular presented two shows at the Denver Center for Performing Arts. Nearly 5,000 western and Chinese people, including many children, attended. Many audience members expressed their great appreciation for the show.

Every performance received high praise from the audience and people were happy they had attended this spectacular. Audience members who were interviewed after the show said that the performances helped them learn about Chinese culture, and many were eager to see future performances by the Divine Performing Arts.

After the show, audience members were interviewed and asked about their impressions.

Todd Rhiner, who works in Denver, said, "The show is fabulous, it is sensory overload. I am just so excited learning about this culture."

Michael from Denver, Colorado is a local photographer. He attended the show with his girlfriend. He stated, "I wish I had my camera. I think it is very interesting. It's very beautiful, the colors, and costumes. The dances are wonderful."

He also expressed that the rhythm is slow for westerners and said, "I like the slow tempo, and then bam! it hits really hard. It's funny though, we [he and his girlfriend] met two years ago this month at a Chinese New Year celebration. I was taking pictures here in Denver, so this is like an anniversary for us."

Michael's girlfriend said, "I like the colors, they are beautiful, and the costumes are incredible." Michael added, "We got tickets from a client and we are happy to be here."

Frank Weddig from Arapahoe County is a Commissioner in Colorado. During the intermission he said to the reporter, "The brochure says "spectacular" and I think that says it all. The costumes, the backdrops, the way it's all performed and these beautiful ladies are powerful dancers. It really gives you the chills. I'm really enjoying it."

When he was asked if he had ever seen such a show before, he explained, "I've seen some performances that seemed to head this way, but did not come together as well as all of this. I like the words put up on the backgrounds to see. I think it was a wonderful performance, it truly teaches about Chinese culture and helps one understand it better."

The reporter asked him if he could understand everything or whether he had any difficulties, he replied, "Not at all, very enjoyable from that aspect as well."

After the show, the reporter asked several children of various ages about the show and one replied, "I love it." Another girl replied, "I loved it too." Others said, "It was really great." When they were asked what they liked best, one replied, "I really like the drums. How they were really upbeat. It was just really good." Another one replied, "I liked the different ranges of the performances. I really liked the drums because it was high energy. I like the one where the two teenagers were in the temple--that was my favorite."

The reporter asked whether they are now trying to learn some Chinese, and one replied, "I want to, but I haven't yet." Another one said, "Yes, I really want to." A boy said, "It made me want to learn more about Chinese culture and what they do."