(Clearwisdom.net) Audiences in Denver were awed by the Spectacular that made its debut in this city last week. "Wonderful," "fabulous," "beautiful," "interesting," and "moving" are just some of the words used by the ticket holders to expresses their experience of the Chinese New Year Spectacular.

Mai Bo came with her daughter. Mai is from Vietnam and said that she liked all of the performances equally. She especially liked the stories. Her daughter Diedre, also did not have a favorite because she liked them all. She exclaimed, "Beautiful costumes!"

Marcia Wright and Daniel came to the show because they saw an advertisement. Daniel's favorite performance was "Drummers of the Tang Court." When asked why, he said he "just liked the feeling." Ms. Wright was partial to the water scenes. She went on to say, "I think it is a very interesting message being brought to an international audience and I am thankful that they are doing that to bring awareness."

Baul Singh, a businessman from Denver, thought the show was "very, very nice." "The costumes are very very beautiful, and the dance movements were very attractive."

Lisa Graft learned about the show on the Internet. She had seen similar shows a long time ago, and wanted to share the experience with her nieces. "It was fantastic," she exclaimed. Kateland and Sheridan, her nieces, learned about Chinese culture from the show. Kateland said, "I learned a lot about Chinese" and Sheridan learned how to say "Denver" in Chinese: Dan Fo.

Retired businessman, Harry Fryer liked the dancers, the background, "all of it." Harry and his wife, Kay, came with their friends Floey and Bruce Katchen, who read about the show in the newspaper. Bruce liked the gracefulness of the female dancers, and Floey thought is was very exciting to have such a Chinese cultural show in Denver. Kay thought the choreography was "wonderful."

"I thought the show was awesome. Spectacular! Fabulous!" was Michael Martinez' description the show. He liked the drums because of the energy they had. His friend, Janet Hess, works for an airline and heard about it from an e-mail promotion.

Fran Wilson and her friend Karen came to the show because of an article in the Denver

Fran said she appreciated the whole experience. She thought the drums were a very moving experience. She also liked the message of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, because she said, "I think that is what makes all of us human beings."