(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts touring company held four shows of the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular in Montreal on January 15-17, which were warmly welcomed by the audience. Chinese audience members expressed their pride in the show, and Westerners enjoyed learning about Chinese culture from the performances.

Dr. Wei, who immigrated to Canada from Harbin, China two years ago, came to the show with her friends. She told the reporter, "I like everything in the show very much, the dances, singing and costumes. The show is very traditional and special."

Dr. Wei said the show was very different from those she has seen in China. She said, "I am proud of the Chinese culture. As a Chinese person, I am proud of the show too, which perfectly demonstrated Chinese culture."

Dr. Wei said that compared to the shows in China, this one was more classical and free of political constraints.

Dr. Wei's friend, Fracer, liked the Mongolian, Tibetan and drum dances. He said that he would come to the show again next year.

Kevin and his mother Sophia from Montreal said that the actors were very talented. Kevin said the show was very cultural, and that seldom in Canada can people see such a show demonstrating Chinese culture. He said that the show brought him a new and positive perspective of Chinese culture. His mother Sophia wished the show could have been longer and that the dancers could have danced even more.