(Clearwisdom.net) In October 2003, Shenyang No. 3 Prison in Liaoning Province moved from Dadong District and was consolidated into the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Yuhong District. Its No.1, No. 3 and No. 5 Prison Wards were merged into Masanjia's No. 1 Prison. Its No. 2, No. 4 and No. 6 Prison Wards were merged into Masanjia's No. 2 Prison. The head of the Masanjia's No. 1 Prison was Mou Jiali, male, 48 years old.

Guards from former Shenyang No. 3 Prison employed very brutal methods to torture practitioners. Enticing them with sentence reductions, they had criminal inmates abuse Falun Gong practitioners physically and verbally. These inmates would drag the practitioners by their hair and throw them against the wall. They also slapped practitioners' faces and forced them to recite the prison rules. If anyone refused to cooperate or failed to recite the rules, they would be forced to stand and bow their upper body forward 90 degrees, head against the wall, while an inmate would push their heads into the wall. They also forced practitioners to squat for more than ten hours with no bathroom break; sometimes this torture lasted seven days in a row. Another torture they used was to stab needles into practitioners' fingertips. In the winter, they poured cold water onto practitioners' heads. To monitor practitioners' every move, the criminals formed "bodyguard groups." Each group had three people, who took turns to follow and watch each practitioner, 24 hours a day. The practitioner being monitored was not allowed to talk to anyone. Some practitioners were forced to sit on a narrow bench in a confined space; they were told to sit straight and with the legs in the double-crossed position for as long as fifteen hours. All newly detained practitioners had to go through initial persecution with the "entry team," and then they would be sent to the harsh "strictly controlled team" for additional torture. When a prisoner was persecuted to death, the prison guards would order the criminal inmates to clean up the body. The reward was some alcohol for the inmates. In this harsh environment, many have died. With guards' encouragement, the common prisoners readily participated in torturing other inmates to death so that they could get some alcohol.

Practitioner Mr. Lan Died from the Persecution

In December 2002, at the former Shenyang No. 3 Prison, a criminal nicknamed "Big Mute" was told by guards to attack Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Lan by pouring cold water onto his head. After the cold-water torture, Mr. Lan collapsed to the floor. He later developed severe diarrhea. Fearing that their criminal act would be exposed, the guards sent Mr. Lan to the Prison Hospital. Due to continued torture, Mr. Lan subsequently died in the hospital. The guards claimed that they spent over 10,000 yuan on hospital bills, trying to save Mr. Lan's life.

Criminal inmate Wang Qiangang, who was with the old and handicapped team, is now working in Shenyang Prison's No. 12 Ward doing manual labor. Wang participated in the persecution of Mr. Lan.

Guard Qu Guang Caused the Death of a Practitioner through Force-Feeding

From 2002 to October 2003, Qu Guang, former director of the Penalty Department of Shenyang No. 3 Prison, told his subordinates to torture practitioners detained in solitary confinement cells. The guards force-fed practitioners on hunger strike with salt water mixed with soybean powder, causing the death of a practitioner. Because of the cover up, the name of the practitioner is still unknown. After the prison moved to the current location, Qu Guang was named the director of the Penalty Department in the No. 1 Prison, and he is in charge of the Strictly Monitored Team. He continues to use salt-water with soy bean powder to force-feed practitioners who hold hunger strike.

In July 2002, Qu Guang and a guard nicknamed "Elephant" ordered criminal inmates Da Hai and Wu Weijun to whip practitioners with plastic boards and rubber hoses.

Guards Used Needles to Stab into Li Huailiang's Fingers

In November 2003, police in Shenyang No.1 Prison attempted to force Falun Gong practitioner Li Huailiang into signing the three statements to renounce Falun Gong. When he refused, the guards ordered a criminal inmate, Wang Qiangang, to stab Mr. Li's fingers with needles. The severe pain caused Mr. Li to lose control of his bowels. Some inmates who still had a conscience could not bear to watch this and protested to the prison head who finally stopped this torture.

The Persecution of Practitioner Sun Yongheng

In November 2005, practitioner Sun Yongheng was detained in a solitary confinement cell in Shenyang No. 1 Prison. The guard called "Elephant" stepped on Mr. Sun's head and told several inmates to handcuff him. He was left on a cold brick floor for hours with only underwear on. The outside temperature was about -15 0C [5 0F].