(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, some practitioners in our area have slacked off in sending forth righteous thoughts, and some practitioners hold their hands incorrectly while sending forth righteous thoughts. Some get stuck in everyday trivial matters and don't have time for sending forth righteous thoughts. Some have plenty of time, yet they forget to do it, etc. Seeing these incorrect states, I'd like to share three stories to remind my fellow practitioners to cherish and pay attention to sending righteous thoughts--one of the three things Master has told us to do.


After the persecution crimes of several village officials were exposed on the Internet, some overseas practitioners called them to clarify the facts. One official was afraid and angry. He shouted through a loudspeaker, "A (a practitioner's name) did all this, and the city authorities have decided to arrest her. They'll go tomorrow to arrest her."

Practitioner A is a local coordinator. After hearing about the above situation, she thought, "What the evil fears most is their crimes being exposed. Why do they become more rampant after the exposure? This must be to keep up appearances." Master said,

"...by having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations." ("Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)" from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Practitioner A thought, "Even if I have omissions, the evil is not allowed to persecute me. I just follow Master's arrangements, and the evil deserves only to be eliminated." So she started sending forth righteous thoughts from 7 o'clock in the evening until after midnight. She suddenly saw numerous types of bright sunlight, and Master's fashen were everywhere in the room. She was very excited and became more determined in her sending forth righteous thoughts until after 7 o'clock the next morning. Although she did it for the entire night, she did not feel tired or sleepy. Instead, she felt herself as stable as a mountain and as solid as diamond. Needless to say, she was not persecuted afterwards.


To better cooperate as one body, practitioners in a village formed three groups, and each group had two practitioners go out to distribute truth clarification materials while others stayed at home sending forth righteous thoughts until the two practitioners returned. After some time, one practitioner developed the thought, "Others distribute truth-clarifying materials in person while I sit at home sending forth righteous thoughts. Am I saving sentient beings?" One day she again sent forth righteous thoughts at home to cooperate with practitioners in the truth clarification effort. After two hours, golden, shiny characters emerged in front of her eyes. The characters read, "boundless mighty virtue." She immediately enlightened that Master was giving her a hint-to achieve one thing, different people will take different tasks, so we need to cooperate and harmonize. As long as our standpoint is saving sentient beings, cooperating with fellow practitioners by sending righteous thoughts is also an important part of the effort to save sentient beings.


Two practitioners were illegally arrested. When a young practitioner was sending forth righteous thoughts close by, he saw that the detention center was very dark and was surrounded by oddly-shaped demons. The two practitioners' bodies were golden and covered by a strong energy field. When fellow practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts from outside the detention center, it helped eliminate the evil and strengthen the imprisoned practitioners' righteous fields, so the evil dared not to touch them. Then the young practitioner heard a voice, "Send forth righteous thoughts. Do it persistently."

The young practitioner told the others what he saw and heard, and the other practitioners became more determined in sending forth righteous thoughts. Due to the cooperative effort, the two practitioners were able to leave of the detention center after two days and five days, respectively. They told the other practitioners, "When we were at the detention center, we could feel fellow practitioners sending forth righteous thoughts. The energy field was very strong and we were very steadfast. To help practitioners detained in the evil's dens, let's all recognize the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts!"