(Clearwisdom.net) In August 2007, Falun Dafa practitioner Yang Chunling's father went to visit her in prison. Ms. Yang has been illegally sentenced to seven years in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. However, the head of the elderly and disabled group, Cong Zhuo, denied her father's visitation at the prison. The reason stated was, "Yang shouted out in protest in the prison." Ms. Yang's family members worry that the actual reason for disallowing relatives to see her is that she might have been brutally tortured.

Yang Chunling was put into the elderly and disabled group of Liaoning Province Women's Prison from Liaoyang Detention Center at the beginning of December 2006. The head of the elderly and disabled group, Cong Zhuo, ordered criminal inmate Zhao Yan to brutally beat Ms. Yang. She was beaten in an isolated room that night. Her mouth was sealed with tape and she was brutally beaten by Zhao Yan, Zhang Ling, and other prisoners. As a result, Ms. Yang's arms had a compound fracture and her legs were injured and she could not walk. Police officer Cong Zhuo stated they were not responsible for Ms. Yang and that her family should pay for the expensive medical bill although they have no money.

Ms. Yang's father was the only person living in the family's home because the rest of the family members were all being subjected to persecution. Her father has gotten by with his paltry retirement pay. Her relatives asked the prison for justice. However, the prison head and the head of elderly and disabled group claimed they were not responsible and said, "Yang Chunling caused her own arms to fracture."

Ms. Yang's father borrowed money from his relatives for her medical bill. Long-term repeated harassment by the police caused him to develop heart problems.

Ms. Yang's arms have been fractured twice from beatings. She was brutally tortured because she had started a hunger strike. She developed lack of iodine, potassium, anemia, hypoglycemia, and heart palpitations as well as feeling faint. She had such poor health that she could not walk without others' help.

Ms. Yang's mother, Dong Baoxin, was harassed and tortured at the hands of Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) officials. She passed away in October 2004.

We appeal to international organizations for justice. Please stop the CCP's persecution of Yang Chunling and all other detained Falun Dafa practitioners.

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Liaoning Province Women's Prison:

Prison Head Office: Li Shen. 86-24-89296666
Political Head Office: 86-24-89296677
Prison Deputy Head Office: 86-24-89296655, 86-24-89296688 ,86-24-89296633, 86-24-89296858
Head of the elderly and disabled group: 86-24-89296755