(Clearwisdom.net) One day in September 2006, fellow practitioner "A" suddenly lost consciousness as she rode her bike. She bumped her head on the road curb and started bleeding. After being sent to hospital, the X ray showed an egg-sized head tumor. Her non-practicing family members worried and suggested surgery to remove the tumor. Practitioner A maintained her strong righteous thoughts and clarified the truth about Dafa to her family, thus her family members did not force the issue of surgery. After sharing her thoughts with fellow practitioner B, practitioner A recognized that this was the old forces' persecution of Dafa practitioners, and that she must completely deny it. Afterwards practitioner A continued to study the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts and clarify the truth. She constantly looked inward to find and eliminate her attachments and denied the arrangements by the old forces.

However, her "illness" did not improve. She often suddenly lost consciousness, which made for some negative impressions toward Dafa among her family members.

Practitioner A felt lots of pressure concerning this problem. She shared her thoughts with fellow practitioners many times, and fellow practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts together for her, yet there was no improvement. She did not know what the key issue was and was very distressed.

One day practitioner B discussed A's situation with fellow practitioner C, whose third eye was open. While in the sitting meditation, practitioner C saw that practitioner A was carrying an agreement she had signed with the old forces in other dimensions. C recognized that old forces insisted persecuting A because of this agreement. After sharing thoughts with B, C and B agreed that sending forth righteous thoughts as a group would help A to sever and break through such an agreement.

Five practitioners coordinated their next move and arrived the next day, to send forth righteous thoughts around A. It started at 11:00 a.m. We sent forth righteous thoughts every half hour. The interference was very strong at first. Practitioner C's legs suffered unbearable pain. C could usually do the sitting meditation for two to three hours without any pain. C saw two higher level lives from the old forces descend from the sky. One was in the shape of a Buddha, and another in the shape of a Tao. The Tao scolded practitioners C severely, "Don't bother with other people's business." Practitioner C denounced them strongly.

During the break, the practitioners shared their thoughts and all agreed that this was the right thing to do, and that we must do it well. While sending forth righteous thoughts for the second time, C saw the practitioners emitting strong energy toward the evil forces, while the Buddha from the old forces also sent light to the agreement that was on A's back, to reinforce the power of the agreement. Both sides were in a stalemate. While sharing experiences at the second break, the practitioners encouraged each other and agreed to ask for support from Master.

When sending forth righteous thoughts for the third time with Master's support, the energy field among practitioners was stronger and stronger and it touched the root of the old forces. C saw the Tao from the old forces saying, "Don't bother with other's business; she is my child; this is prehistoric arrangement." C responded with righteous thoughts, "Your arrangement is wrong. We must interrupt it."

At the third break, the practitioners saw hope and felt more confident. While in the sitting meditation, practitioner D saw a bunch of Chinese chives. He realized it was encouragement from Master because in Chinese, the pronunciation of "chives" is the same as "long time," which means to achieve success we must persevere for a long time. The bunch of chives also means that we must do it as a group. Another interruption was also strong. A's mother and husband kept calling, telling her to go home. When sharing her thoughts, A realized that the group's righteous thoughts were truly breaking the old forces' bottom line, and that we should continue to ignore the interruptions.

While sending forth righteous thoughts for the fourth time, B saw half of an ancient building collapse. During the sixth time D saw one of the old forces' heads falling off its body, though it went immediately back on, and the bodily image of the other old force shrank.

After sending forth righteous thoughts for the sixth time, A's continuous headache disappeared, and she felt much relieved. Practitioner C said our righteous thoughts broke the root of the old forces' arrangements. We may be able to completely break through the agreement between A and the old forces. Unfortunately it was quite late and A had to go home, and we ended sending forth righteous thoughts for the day.

The purpose of this article is to remind fellow practitioners that the old forces throughout history might have made very detailed arrangements for every practitioner. Some incidents fellow practitioners experience - such as arrest, suffering illness, running into conflicts with other practitioners or not understanding the Fa - might all be related to the arrangements by the old forces. That is why we must pay attention to breaking through these arrangements and completely eliminate them, even if we signed any agreements in the past. We must not acknowledge such arrangements! In the meantime, coordination and cooperation among practitioners is crucially important, too. We must form an indestructible whole body by helping each other. Let's all do the three things well with our righteous thoughts and righteous deeds.

Please kindly point out any misunderstanding of the Fa.