(Clearwisdom.net) To save sentient beings, Master started to spread Falun Dafa in other countries soon after he finished lecturing in China. On September 23, 1997, Master went overnight to Guiyang City by car, accompanied by a few other people. This was Master's fourth personal visit to Guiyang. In the Octagonal Rock conference hall, Master met with the local practitioners and lectured for over two hours.

That morning, we quickly began our trip to the site after we received a phone call about the event. Walking next to me on the staircase to the conference hall, my mother suddenly knelt down. Before she realized what had happened, I reminded her that her master consciousness was seeing Master Li. We walked straight to the conference room. When I looked through the window, I saw Master there! It was unbelievable. I rubbed my eyes and pinched myself, but it was not a dream. I shouted to my parents, "Master is here!"

As we walked into the room, practitioners were listening to Master's lecture. As my mother stared at Master and listened to the lecture, her eyes were filled with tears the entire time.

In His lecture, Master stressed again and again that practitioners must study the Fa well, look within, overcome their shortcomings, coordinate well as a whole body, elevate themselves as a whole body, and do an even better job in spreading and promoting Falun Dafa.

Without stopping to drink any water, Master continued to patiently answer practitioners' questions with the tone of a loving father. Like many other practitioners, I was too excited to think of any questions to ask. "Master, I have some attachment that I have never been able to let go. Can I request Master's help in this matter in my heart?" asked my mother. As I recall, the answer was, "Cultivation practice depends on the individual while the transformation of Gong is up to the master. It is good that you recognize it is your attachment and that you do not want it. Try to expel it and let go of it." When asked how a Buddha's world looks, Master said that the Buddha's world is splendid and that only those that are 10034b3cure gold can go there. "Even those that are 99.934b3cure gold cannot enter that world," he added. I also seem to remember him saying, "If there is even one human cell, that is not pure enough, it will mess up that world." When asked why the lecture "Expounding on the Fa" is difficult to understand, I recall that Master said that he had taught that to practitioners' godly sides.

A practitioner who started the practice in 1993 and had personally attended Master's lectures before told Master that her practice environment had been bad. Her husband frequently abused her and her hands were disabled as a result. Master explained the reason to her with compassion, "For three generations when your family practiced Buddhism, you two were enemies. But you'll be fine from now on." Later at an experience-sharing conference, she said that on the way home after she had met Teacher that day, she was still worried and unsure. To her surprise, as soon as she stepped into her home, her husband smiled at her and said, "You must be tired. I cooked dinner and reheated it three times. Hurry up and eat." She was shocked at her husband's sudden reversal of his decades-long bad attitude, but she quickly realized that Master had resolved her enmity with her husband that had accumulated over her many lives. To do that, Master must have suffered tremendously for her, she thought. Deeply touched, her eyes were filled with tears. How meticulously Master loves and cares for His disciples!

After the meeting, practitioners were all reluctant to say farewell to Master. Some even waited by the car that Master once rode in, until midnight.