(Clearwisdom.net) I want to share my experiences while sending forth righteous thoughts. Please correct me if there are any mistakes.

With Minimal Human Thoughts and Strong Righteous Thoughts, the Energy Field will be Strengthened

Many times, when my mind was calm and tranquil, I was able to maintain a state of concentration. I felt my left hand was very hot while my erect right hand seemed to be discharging energy. I felt a tingling, pulsating sensation in my right palm like the energy was moving around inside the palm. Sometimes the energy came from the bottom of the palm, sometimes it came from the top or directly from the fingers. It came in waves, and lasted several seconds, then it started again, but lasted for a longer time. Because I focused on powerful thoughts when I said the word "Mie," the word "Mie" appeared before my eyes. I didn't notice exactly how long it took to discharge the energy. I often feel that powerful energy currents are strengthening my whole body, and at that time I'm not able to move and my body is surrounded by a thin coat of air. One time I did try to move my body, but couldn't.

When I Slack Off Only a Little in My Cultivation, Teacher Gives Me a Hint

One day, it was time to send forth righteous thoughts in the morning, but I wanted to sleep a bit longer. Looking at my cell phone, I saw that it was 5:55 a.m., since I set the alarm for that time. I knew that my clock was six minutes fast, so I decided since there were still a few minutes remaining before sending righteous thoughts, I would sleep for a little while. The moment I lay down on my bed, I couldn't move my body. At this moment, an intense beam of light went through my head and then back to my body, accompanied by the strong sound of "hong, hong." It was too dark to see anything. The only thing I could see was that beam of white light. It seemed like a searchlight that was sweeping through my dimensional field.

After a while, I saw a weak beam of black light coming from the opposite side. Immediately afterwards, I saw myself, but I couldn't see clearly and felt that some evil elements had been eradicated by this intense beam of light. When I saw this, I called Teacher's name. I tried to get up, but I seemed to be frozen on the bed. After a few seconds, I bounced up and immediately crossed my legs and sent forth righteous thoughts. I realized that Teacher had given this hint to enlighten me. Benevolent Teacher used his enormous energy to support me in clearing away the evil dark minions and rotten demons. I enlightened that Teacher was telling me that there were still many dark minions and rotten demons in my dimensional field. We must not be lax, and must take the right path while heading towards the completion of our cultivation.