(Clearwisdom.net) "Heaven Destroys the CCP," "Seek a Safe Future by Quitting the CCP," "The Evil Party has been Uprooted. Why are You Still Waiting?" After seeing the banners at a rally for quitting the CCP, you may wonder whether those are slogans or the truth. How do people from mainland China look at the great current of withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)? In the Chicago rally for quitting the CCP on March 31, 2007, Yang Xiaomei, a NTDTV reporter, interviewed a volunteer who had arrived in the United States last October.

Ms. Li accepts the interview

Ms. Li said that these were declarations of withdrawal from various people that she brought from Mainland China

When Ms. Li heard that the reporter was going to interview her, she went home and returned with a pile of paper in different shapes and sizes. Ms. Li said that they were declarations of quitting the CCP, which she brought from Mainland China. The papers were covered with names of people such as "Laifu" and "Abao," which are aliases. Some people used their real names. On the notes, some people had written things like "It's my personal wish to withdraw from the CCP," or "It's my personal wish to withdraw from the Youth League," etc. She said that in the past two years, she had persuaded nearly 3,000 people to quit the CCP and its related organizations. The oldest person was over eighty years old and the youngest one was in their twenties. There was a person who had been a Party member for nearly fifty years, and one who had been a Party member for only one week.

The reporter asked Ms. Li whether people in mainland China understand the words, "Heaven destroys the CCP," and "Quit the CCP for a safer life." Ms. Li said, "Many people understand." She continued, "In mainland China, persuading people to quit the CCP is a very dangerous job. Still, no one is going to ignore them. This is because many people, especially some senior cadres, recovered from illnesses, including some with debilitating symptoms, after withdrawing from the CCP. When they visited those people who withdrew from the CCP again, many of them were treated like the ones who had saved their lives.

Ms. Li also told us that on one occasion they went to a hospital to persuade people to withdraw from the CCP. They met an older lady who had pancreatic cancer. Ms. Li asked her to withdraw from the CCP. The older lady said, "I am very sick now. What's the use of withdrawing from the CCP?" Ms. Li said, "It works. You will have a good life when you go to the other world." The older lady was not completely convinced, but she withdrew from the CCP upon the urging of Ms. Li. Not long after quitting the CCP, the elderly lady could walk again. She also recovered from the pancreatic cancer. Later, she went to her son's office and said loudly, "I recovered from pancreatic cancer after quitting the CCP. You are all very filial. Could any of you cure my illness?" Her son was very frightened and dragged her aside and said, "Mom, stop talking like that. We can talk about that when we get home. Don't say that in my office." The older lady said, "I wanted to talk about it here. I want to tell these people to stop doing those dishonorable things." She was at the local 610 Office, a department set up by the CCP to persecute Falun Gong. Her son was one of the leaders there.

Ms. Li said that the rallies held overseas really do encourage the people in mainland China.