(Clearwisdom.net) Ticket sales for the Divine Performing Arts Holiday Wonders and New Year Spectacular shows are not going well, and the situation is obviously not conforming to the requirements of the Fa-rectification. Below are some understandings shared among practitioners about this issue:

1. The evil is doing harm in other dimensions, which has caused the tickets to sell slowly. Disciples will send forth righteous thoughts around the clock to thoroughly eliminate the evil that dares to interfere with this event. The elimination of the evil in other dimensions will manifest in this realm - tickets will be sold and sentient beings saved.

2. On the issue of cooperation: Master mentioned this problem in his recent scripture and emphasized this in "Teaching the Fa to Australian Falun Dafa Practitioners." Lack of cooperation among practitioners is an important excuse for the evil to interfere with our tickets sales. We had some conflicts with fellow practitioners in the past, so we must hurry up and study the Fa, look inside, and genuinely put away our notions. Any walls between practitioners are the habitat of evil. The evil can restrict us from walking out of humanness and heading toward godhood.

If we think about saving sentient beings and harmonizing with what Master wants wholeheartedly, we can cast away anything that is not in line with the Fa. Nothing can stop us as long as our righteous thoughts emerge.

3. The heavenly climate change is manifested through each person's movements. We need to open our minds and untie our mental knots. Then, each disciple will move naturally according to the Fa. If our efforts are in harmony, miracles will happen.

December 7, 2007