(Clearwisdom.net) On December 27, 2004, Ms. Han Shuying was reading Zhuan Falun at home when Liu Yunhai (male), a domestic security officer of the Mentougou Police Department in the Shijingshan area in Beijing, broke into and forcibly took her book. Liu then led a group of officers to take Ms. Han to the Mentougou "Reform" Class. At noon on December 30, four police officers, including Liu Yunhai, went to the Pingguoyuan area and deceived Ms. Han's son-in-law, Mr. Wang Honggang, into leaving his home and they forcibly took him into custody. The four officers were not wearing police uniforms. Mr. Wang Honggang was subsequently sentenced to two and a half years of forced labor.

In the "reform class," Liu Yunhai brutally beat Ms. Han Shuying. Ms. Han suffered a stroke due to hemorrhaging. Under the numerous requests of a villager from the same village accompanying Ms. Han, the officials finally agreed to take Ms. Han to the hospital for resuscitation. Village officials Zhao Fulai and Hao Junru and members of the 610 Office Li Shuxia (female) and An Hongjun (gender unknown) were present when Ms. Han was being resuscitated.

The police demanded that Ms. Han's family pay the medical costs. Ms. Han's son, Mr. Zhao Fugui, was unlawfully sentenced to three years in prison in 2003 and taken to a forced labor camp. Ms. Han did not have any money and could not even afford to buy meals in the hospital. Officials of the hospital insisted that the 610 Office pay for the costs. In the end, the police of the 610 Office gave in.

After Ms. Han was released from the hospital, she was admitted to a retirement home. However, she did not receive any further treatment.

In September 2007, members of the 610 Office ordered the retirement home to stop assigning attendants to take care of Ms. Han Shuying in an attempt to drive Ms. Han out of the facility. Ms. Han's family discussed the issue with officials of the town government and members of the 610 Office to no effect.

Han Hui (male), Party Secretary of the Mentougou District Political and Judicial Committee: 86-13801321689 (Cell)
Zhang Fuping (male), director of the 610 Office: 86-1360101045 (Cell)
Dong Yixue (male), deputy director of the 610 Office: 13683085688 (Cell), 86-10-88953110 (Home)

Mr. Gao, director of the retirement home: 86-13241303486 (Cell)