(Clearwisdom.net) On the night of November 2, 2007, government officials in Anqiu City, Shandong Province arrested Falun Gong practitioners across the city and in neighboring counties. More than 200 officers were involved. They were divided into several groups and each group contained two or three police cars and about a dozen policemen. Some practitioners refused to open the door, and police officers broke either windows or doors in order to search the houses and arrest practitioners.

Mr. Xia Xihan, who is in his 70's, was arrested. The officers tricked him into opening the door by telling him that his storehouse was being broken into. Mr. Xia opened the door and saw a group of policemen standing outside. He realized that he had been tricked and locked the door immediately. However, the officers had someone pick the lock and then broke into Mr. Xia's house. Mr. Xia was illegally arrested and sent to a detention center.

These police officers also attempted to arrest practitioner Wang Haiqing. They angrily banged on the door loudly, scaring the only person who was at home, a ten-year-old girl. Finally, Wang's neighbor came out and stopped them from making more trouble.

In the detention center, there was a 15 square meter room that was overflowing with 31 people. Of those people, 22 were Falun Gong practitioners. They all slept on the cold and wet floor during the night. Since it was so crowded, they took turns sleeping. In the morning, practitioners had to drink filthy water that was used previously to wash bowls.

Lou Guoyun, Tian Ruixia, Wang Yulan and Ren Zhiqiang Arrested on November 3, 2007

Currently, thirteen female practitioners and six or seven male practitioners are being detained. Among those who were arrested were Guo Jianying, Wang Huaxiang, Zhang Yumei, Wu Lanmei, Niu Qingkui, Hao Xiangqin, Li Ruihua, Zhong Xixiu, Liu Guilan, Li Caiyun and Meng Aixia.

Practitioner Mr. Wang Xueyun was detained and sentenced to forced labor in 2003 for three years, and he returned home in 2006. In the fall of 2007, Mr. Wang's son passed away and his daughter-in-law left the household, so Mr. Wang and his wife were left to raise their 3-year-old granddaughter. They were barely able to put food on the table. In order to save sentient beings, Mr. Wang never gave up on clarifying the truth to people. As he was distributing truth-clarification materials, he was arrested by the Dongjiaxiapo Village Chief Liu Weiheng. Mr. Wang was viciously beaten. His arm was broken, and he was sent to the hospital. A doctor told Mr. Wang that he should be treated immediately or he would be disabled, so the police had to release Mr. Wang. After a few days, on October 13, 2007, police officers from the Chidui Township Police Station broke into Mr. Wang's home and arrested him again. Mr. Wang was detained in the Anqiu City Detention Center and sentenced to five years of imprisonment. His wife, who is in her 60's, and his 3-year-old granddaughter are left at home to fend for themselves.

Wang Jihuai, Anqiu City CCP Secretary: 86-536-4936408(Fax), 86-536-4936407 (Office) or 86-13605369399
Wang Ziqing, head of Anqiu City's 610 office: 86-536-4396617 (Office), 86-536-4228659 (Home)
Song Yunqing (male, 43), Police Department deputy director: 86-536-4383905 (Office), 0536-426618 (Home), 13706496258(Cell)
Zhang Jinxiao (male, 41), director of the Security Division in Anqiu City: 86-536-4370288 (Home)
Li Shenghua (male, 43, actively participated in and organized the persecution), squadron commander of the Security Division in Anqiu City; 86-536-4383927 (Office)
Zhang Yuanting (male), deputy director of Anqiu City Detention Center; 86-536-4261032 (Home)
Ma Xiyan (male), deputy director of Anqiu City Detention Center; 86-536-4261799 (Home)
Pan Qilu, Anqiu City Detention Center officer: 86-536-4264060 (Home)
Anqiu City Dongguan Police Station: 86-536-4222815 (Office)
Anqiu City Detention Center Office: 86-536-4262953

Sheng Wanbo (male), director of Anqiu City Police Department; 86-536-5228226 (Home), 86-13806362866(Cell)
Sheng Qian, Sheng Wanbo's daughter; 86-13695360110(Cell)
Sheng Jingmeng, Sheng Wanbo's father; 86-536-5232818 (Home)
Sheng Shuyun, Sheng Wanbo's oldest sister; 86-536-5252868 (Home), 86-13562628101(Cell)
Sheng Shumei, Sheng Wanbo's younger sister; 86-536-5226785 (Home), 86-13589162366(Cell)
Sheng Yunxia, Sheng Wanbo's youngest sister; 86-13573656099(Cell)
Dan Jingli (Sheng Yunxia's husband), director of Shouguang District Police Department: 86-536-5298966 (Home), 86-13805368225(Cell)

Liu Zengyun, CCP Secretary of Qiligou County, Anqiu City: 86-13780888759(Cell)
Yang Haitao, the director of Shidui Township Police Department: 86-13964750199(Cell)
Shidui Township Police Department: 86-536-4700024 (Office)