(Clearwisdom.net) I am a loyal reader of the "Minghui Weekly", reading every article carefully. The experience sharing of fellow practitioners helps strengthen my righteous thoughts and has enabled me to make it through the persecution to this date.

During the past several years, I always relied on fellow practitioners to deliver Teacher's articles, the Minghui Weekly, and other truth-clarification materials. No matter how busy they were themselves, rain or shine, fellow practitioners always made sure we got the materials.

Three years ago, some practitioners suggested that I establish a materials production site at my home. At that time, I had too much fear so I found an excuse to decline the request. Now thinking back, I feel really ashamed. Why can't I lessen fellow practitioners' burden and make some contributions as well?

So I talked to the coordinator about setting up a Dafa materials production site in my home. He thought it was a good idea. Soon a fellow practitioner who knows about computers helped me purchase a computer and install the necessary software. He was very clear in his instructions on how to operate everything, plus his tone was so compassionate, I soon learned how to use the computer. Later, the practitioner sent a printer and other necessities to run the materials production site at my home.

When I printed out truth-clarification materials for the first time, a warm current ran through my entire body. I was doing the most sacred thing and I had a Fa weapon to eliminate evil and save sentient beings.

Now I am able to run the materials production site independently. Getting on the Internet, downloading and printing out materials, I can do all of them smoothly. At the same time, I try to rectify every thought of mine. During the whole process, I am becoming more and more mature in the Fa-rectification process.