(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings revered Teacher! Greetings fellow practitioners!

My name is Qu Sihai and I am 86 years old this year. Before practicing cultivation, I was a dying person full of illnesses. I took more pills than food every day.

On August 21, 2004, a copy of a newspaper changed my life. That day I got a copy of the Epoch Times for free. It really attracted my attention and I read it ten times in a row after I returned home. The second day, I found the Falun Gong practitioner who gave me the newspaper and asked for more issues. He said it was a weekly newspaper, so he did not have a new issue yet, but he asked me if I wanted to join him for Falun Gong exercises. So starting August 23, 2004, I began to come to the group practice site at 4:30 a.m. every day to do the exercises. This practitioner also led me through the nine-day lecture series. Now I have been practicing Falun Gong for over three years.

The first time I did the meditation exercise, I only managed to sit there for half an hour, with my legs loosely crossed and my back hunched. Then later I saw other practitioners sitting up straight during the meditation, and I thought to myself, "Sitting upright is what Teacher requires of us. Why can't I do it when other people can?" So I became determined to sit up straight no matter how hard it was. After a period of time, I was able to sit upright during the meditation. Later, some practitioners told me they could see that I even walked with a straightened back. Now I can cross both legs in the full lotus position and meditate for over 45 minutes.

I have become completely healthy after cultivation. Once, my wife wanted to have a physical checkup and she insisted I have one as well. I didn't want to go but couldn't convince her. So I went with her. The examination report showed that I had no illness at all!

My life became quite simple after I began cultivation. Before I go out to practice every morning, I recite Lunyu. After practicing the exercises I study two lectures of Zhuan Falun at home. Then I go out to distribute the Epoch Times. While I study the Fa at home, I often read it aloud and my 84-year-old wife often sits next to me to listen. Before the New Year, she was surprised to find that her hands, which she could not raise before, she can now lift up high. She can also now do some housework. My fellow practitioners all comment that my wife looks younger and younger. I know that she benefits from my practice as well.

I wanted to do the three things well but didn't know how to start. Then some fellow practitioners invited me to go with them to some tourist sites to clarify the truth. At the Forbidden City, there are many tourists from mainland China. At first, I would just be there doing the exercises. Later, encouraged by fellow practitioners, I began to talk face to face to the Chinese tourists. The Epoch Times is my best weapon for truth clarification. Each time before I go out to clarify the truth, I read the newspaper carefully and make sure I know the contents. Then later, when I am talking to Chinese tourists, I can start a conversation from different angles, often targeting things they care about. For instance, if the person is from Henan Province, I will begin by talking about the AIDs problem in that province. If the person is from Shanxi Province, I talk about the withdrawal from the CCP by Jia Jia. This way, people who initially refuse to take the newspaper now want to read the paper. Once, a whole group of tourists wanted the newspaper and I didn't have enough copies to go around. While handing out newspaper to them, I talked about quitting the CCP. They listened, while taking pictures of the truth-clarification posters. Later, the fellow practitioner who usually gave me a ride to the Forbidden City was too busy with other projects to pick me up. Then I began to take the bus to go there.

If it were not for Teacher's compassionate salvation, I would still have been repaying my karma in the maze. I thank my fellow practitioner for giving me a copy of the newspaper which changed my life.

I am deeply grateful for Teacher's salvation.