(Clearwisdom.net) The Gongzhuling Police Department of Jilin Province has illegally detained many Jilin practitioners, including Li Hong Wei, Guo Yun Qing, and Zhao Guoxin, who were severely tortured.

On November 13 of this year, Mr. Zhao Guoxin was transferred to the Gongzhuling Police Department. Whenever Mr. Zhao yelled, "Falun Dafa is good!" the police responded by putting him in a small cage. The police also used the death bed to torture Mr. Zhao for long periods of time. This caused him severe physical injuries. His family tried to visit him but were turned away based on the regulation: "If you do not meet the 610 Office standards, then you may not visit with your family."

Mr. Liu Hong Wei was also taken to the Gongzhuling Police Department in mid-July of this year. The police placed him there due to the injuries he received from being tortured.

Gongzhuling Police Department main numbers: 86-434-6287281, 86-434-6289063

2001-Department Director An Ping
2002-Department Deputy Su Bao Chen
2003-Department Deputy Fu Guo Dong
2004-Department Deputy Cheng Zhong Bin