A Policeman Helped Distribute Truth-Clarifying Materials

One month ago, I clarified the truth to a policeman. He renounced his Party membership on the spot. One month later, I met him on the road. He asked me, "Do you have new materials?" I said, "Yes." He said, "Give me a bit more. We'll help you distribute them."

This policeman is in his 50s and was with a younger colleague. He handed the materials to the colleague beside him and said, "You go northwards and distribute these." He turned and said to me, "You can go southwards to distribute the materials. If anyone makes trouble for you, let me know." I really felt very happy for the sentient beings who are saved.

My Retired Neighbor Quit the CCP

My neighbor is an older woman in her 80s. Before she retired, she had been the Party secretary for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in her work unit. One day I clarified the truth to her and urged her to give up her CCP membership. She did not seem to listen to me at that time. After a few days, she asked me to visit her at home. She said, "I want to renounce my CCP membership. The CCP has caused me much pain! That day I wanted to renounce my membership, but I didn't because I had yet to bathe. Today I am nice and clean." I asked her to sit in the sitting meditation lotus position and repeat after me. I said one sentence, and she repeated it. Very solemnly and sincerely she renounced her membership to the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Later she said, "I feel really very comfortable!"

After this incident, she came to my house to thank me. She said that she has put on healthy weight and her complexion is even fairer. Two days earlier she told me she was happy that she received a truth- clarification phone call. She listened to all of it for half an hour. She eagerly asked for the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party to read.

The Book Dissolving the CCP Culture Was Written So Well

A Falun Gong practitioner gave the book Dissolving the CCP Culture to colleague "B" who was also retired. Colleague B was very happy to get the book. On the second day, B was engrossed in the book at home. Suddenly colleague C came to visit. C found that B was reading Dissolving the CCP Culture and thus flipped through a few pages. C found it hard to put the book down. At this time, C insisted on taking it home to read it first. B said, "I just got the book. I will let you read it after I have read it." C held the book in his hand and refused to let go and insisted to read it first. With no choice, B could only bear with the pain and let C read it first. B was very anxious to read the book still. The very same night, he called the practitioner and said, "Can you give me one more copy of Dissolving the CCP Culture? My book has been taken away by another person." The practitioner thus went and gave him another copy. C, after reading the book excitedly said, "I felt that the article is written so well. All that I had wanted to say, but kept buried inside me has been written in this book."