(Clearwisdom.net) I attended two of Master's lectures, one on August 5, 1994 in Harbin City, and the other in Yanjie City on August 20, 1994.

In both lectures, as soon as Master started talking, I would fall asleep, or my whole body would feel uncomfortable. Once the lecture was over, I would suddenly wake up. After returning home, I felt more and more energized. My body was undergoing amazing transformations. A section of my spine was irregularly large. I had arthritis in my leg, stomach cramps, sinus trouble and many more illnesses--all of which miraculously disappeared. In addition, my bad temper also went away, and even my way of thinking changed for the better. Further Fa study made me realize that Master was eliminating karma for me. Ever since these lectures, I never again experienced illness.

During the teaching, Master came down from the stage and walked around the entire hall, correcting the movements of the practitioners. I was very lucky to be sitting in the front row, where I was able to see our Master walking in my direction. His expression was kindhearted and serene.

There was an event I will never forget. Before we left on the last day there were around twenty people crowded around the exit, not moving. I walked over curiously, and saw a twenty-year-old man, holding a few-months-old baby, waiting for Master. He said, "This child has been sick ever since it was born; in fact, it's extremely ill." He had traveled from Dalian to Beijing, visiting every respected hospital but to no avail. The baby was terminally ill. This is when he thought of qigong. He considered trying his luck and asked the Beijing Chinese Qigong Association whether there were any qigong practices that could cure his baby.

At this point the lecture series had already begun. He and his wife took the child and traveled by plane to Yanje City. When he found the location, he explained his circumstances to the staff and security, who allowed him in. He met Master before the teachings commenced. Master responded saying, "I know already. Send your wife and child back to the hotel while you stay to listen to the Fa teaching."

After that, the baby recovered more and more each day in the hotel while he attended the teachings. The infant progressed from being unable to open his eyes to being able to open his eyes, from not being able to drink milk to being able to drink milk. By the end of the lecture series, the baby had fully recovered. The father held the baby while thanking Master, telling Master that from then on he would cultivate to the best of his ability, and his child was Master's youngest practitioner.

Hearing this story, I realized that Master works miracles.